Massive Leaks from Inside CSA

We started strong in 2014.  We had new whistleblowers, including our first sources inside CSA itself, and a wealth of stories from each of them to verify.  And verify we did!  Everything on RestoreCSA is carefully checked, every claim by any whistleblower is researched for accuracy (and to ensure that we’re not being played).  The bigger the story of course, the more important the verifications.

One big story was CSA’s violations of Sec.900 of the NAFTA agreement.  We confirmed that CSA enjoys legislative monopolies on product certification, these in violation of NAFTA.  The price of the products within CSA’s illegal monopolies includes a kick-back to CSA.  That’s why hockey helmets, for example, are more expensive in Canada than the US, though the helmets themselves are identical; same manufacturer, same design, same factory, etc.  The difference between the Canadian and US pricing is the CSA kick-back.

Another big story early that year came from a community activist in Toronto.  The CSA had accidentally invited her to a closed door meeting of CSA members.  And the activist took notes.  And she was good at it.  And the notes were damning.

She recorded CSA officials offering to sell influence over legislation at set rates, and to sell custom legislation for six figures each.  That’s very, VERY illegal.

We also found that CSA had been setting up foreign offices at golf courses, beside yacht clubs -anywhere recreational.  That might explain their wild travel budget.

But CSA has ever been held to account for the splashy offices or the posh travel.  Why?  Well, we heard from one insider that CSA believes itself to be above the law, untouchable, that nobody in law enforcement or government can investigate or prosecute them.  Inside CSA, they call themselves “CSA Superman.” 


They’d need to be Superman to survive some of their conduct.  In March, we reported on their sales of votes at legislative committee, including sales to foreigners.  Such conduct is a violation of Sec.46 of the Criminal Code in Canada and, in the US, it’s a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and various State’s RICO (racketeering) laws.

In late spring we’d learned about the laundering of Canada’s nuclear safety regulations.  Using the CSA’s immunities from civil litigation, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was washing their own regulations through CSA, branding them as CSA regulations, only to repurchase their own regulations back from CSA, with taxpayer dollars of course, so that the Nuclear Safety Commission couldn’t be held accountable for errors in the resulting text.

We also published an article comparing CSA’s various public statements.  It seems that for years, CSA’s been counting on the tedium of regulatory, that nobody would be motivated to research their public statements.  Well, we researched them.  What we found was a troubling record of CSA saying whatever they think will get them whatever they want.  Their statements over the years are awash in wholesale contradiction.  Rule of thumb; CSA says it, it probably isn’t true.

On several occasions starting in 2014, we were invited to clandestinely meet with CSA employees.  Sometimes these meetings felt like a Hollywood screenplay, featuring long drives into secluded areas, at night, introductions to people with painfully obvious faked names, and hours of interview with wretched coffee in divey diners.  But from these interviews a new picture of CSA’s certification programs began to emerge.

We learned that CSA’s product certifications are frequently falsified, the testing to support them largely faked, if done at all, the documentation flowing therefrom fabricated, sometimes entirely, and all to increase CSA’s testing flow-rate and revenues therefrom.  Leaks came to us like a flood, we were deluged with documentation on testing fraud.  We received signed copies of faked reports -we even had CSA’s internal reports on fraudulent testing and their leadership’s statements of intention to do nothing about it.  What one whistleblower called the CSA’s “culture of fraud” was catching up with them.

Sadly, in the fall of that year we also learned that a CSA engineer had recently committed suicide after being fired by CSA.  He’d been fired for refusing to falsify a testing report.  We recalled an interview with a CSA staff member in which they quoted their Human Resources department as having a standard response to employee complaints about fraudulent practices at CSA; they were told to “quit or kill yourself.”

At the close of 2014, and after sustained pressure from RestoreCSA including some lively private meetings with senior CSA leadership, and after a steady stream of embarrassing exposures of CSA conduct, the CEO of CSA, Ash Sahi, was fired.