A Partial List of CSA Standards in Jeopardy

December 13th, 2013

RestoreCSA reviews the Minister's Determination to Parliament in a multipart series. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here.

On November 28th, the Federal Industry Minister, James Moore, made a declaration to Parliament that materials developed by CSA and incorporated into provincial laws are merely "voluntary standards" whose character as independent of the law is unchanged by inclusion within the law. As noted previously, this action invalidates as a legal requirement all inclusions within law as furnished by CSA or other commercial entities.

To date, we have found 178 specific CSA standards included within a wide variety of Federal laws. There will be more to come, we have only started the research process.

A list of the affected CSA standards is below. Note that this list is preliminary, it contains only a partial list of affected standards. There are no provincial statutes included in the generation of this preliminary listing.

CSA StandardIdentifier
Standard for: Thermal Insulation, Cellulose Fiber, Loose Fill51-GP-60M
Mineral Fibre Thermal Building InsulationA101-M1977
Concrete PolesA14-M1979
Guide to Requirements for Relocatable Industrial AccomodationA394-M1984
Natural Gas for Vehicles Installation CodeB109
Propane Handling and Storage CodeB149.2-00
Safety Requirements for the Use, Care and Protection of Abrasive WheelsB173.5-1979
Energy Efficiency of Oil Fired Storage Tank Water HeatersB211-00
Seasonal Energy Utilization Efficiencies of Oil Fired Water HeatersB211-M90
Energy Utilization Efficiencies of Oil Fired Furnaces and BoilersB212-93
Safety Code for ManliftsB311-M1979
Rollover Protective Structures for Agricultural, Construction, Earthmoving, Forestry, Industrial and Mining MachinesB352-M1980
Safety Code for Elevating Devices for the HandicappedB355-M81
Portable Containers for Gasoline and Other Petroleum FuelsB376-M1980
Safety Code for ElevatorsB44-M90
High Pressure Cylinders for the Onboard Storage of Natural Gas as a Fuel for Automotive VehiclesB51
Boiler, Pressure Vessel and pressure Piping CodeB51-03
Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping CodeB51-M1991
Mechanical Refrigeration CodeB52-05
Installation Code for Lightning Protection SystemsB72-M87
Water Source Heat Pumps - Testing and Rating for Performance Part 1C13256-1
Performance of Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters for Household ServiceC191-00
Performance of Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters for Domestic Hot Water ServiceC191-04
Performance Options for Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters C191.1-M90
Canadian Electrical Code Part 1C22.1
Test Methods for Electrical Wires and CablesC22.2 No. 0.3 M-1985
Portable LuminariesC22.2 No. 12-1982
Hand Held Electrically Heated ToolsC22.2 No. 122-M1989
Electromedical EquipmentC22.2 No. 125-M1984
Ground Fault Circuit InterruptersC22.2 No. 144-1977
Electrically Operated ToysC22.2 No. 149-1972
High Voltage Insect KillersC22.2 No. 189-M89
Portable Electric ToolsC22.2 No. 71.1-M89
Swimmingpool Luminaries, Submersible Luminaries and AccessoriesC22.2 No. 89-1976
General Requirements for LuminariesC22.2 No. 9.0-96
[listed]C22.3 No. 1-1970
Energy Performance and Capacity of Household Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers, Freezers and Wine ChillersC300-08
Capacity Measurement and Energy Consumption Test Methods for Refrigerators, Combination Refrigerator-Freezers, and FreezersC300-M91
Energy Consumption Test Methods for Household Electric RangesC358-95
Energy Consumption Test Methods for Household Electric RangesC358-M89
Consumption Test Methods for Household Electric RangesC358.03
Method for Measuring Energy Consumption and Capacity of Automatic Household Clothes WashersC360
Energy Performance, Water Consumption, and Capacity of Household Clothes WashersC360-03
Energy Performance, Water Consumption, and Capacity of Household Clothes WashersC360-98
Method for Measuring Energy Consumption and Drum Volume of Electrically Heated Household Tumble-type Clothes DryersC361-92
Performance Standard for Room Air ConditionersC368.1-M90
Energy Consumption Test Methods for Household DishwashersC373
Energy Consumption Test Methods and Limits for Household DishwashersC373-04
Procedure for the Measurement of Energy Consumption of Set-Top BoxesC380
Test Method for Calculating the Energy Efficiency of Single-Voltage External AC-DC and AC-AC Power SuppliesC381.1
Efficiency Test Methods for Three-Phase Induction MotorsC390
Test Methods, Marking Requirements and Energy Efficiency Levels for Three-Phase Induction MotorsC390-10
Energy Efficiency Test Methods for Three-Phase Induction MotorsC390-98
Performance of Ground Source Heat PumpsC446-94
Performance of Ground and Water Source Heat PumpsC446-M90
Household Electrical Appliances - Measurement of Standby PowerC62301-07
Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Efficiency MeasurementsC654
Performance Standard for Internal Water-Loop Heat PumpsC655-M91
Performance Standard for Split-System and Single-Package Central Air Conditioners and Heat PumpsC656-05
Performance of Automatic Ice Makers and Ice Storage BinsC742
Energy Performance of Automatic Icemakers and Ice Storage BinsC742-08
Energy Performance of Automatic Icemakers and Ice Storage BinsC742-98
Performance Standard for Rating Packaged Water ChillersC743-02
Standard for Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat PumpsC744-04
Standard for Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat PumpsC744-93
Performance Standard for Rating Large Air Conditioners and Heat PumpsC746
Performance Standard for Rating Large and Single Packaged Vertical Air Conditioners and Heat PumpsC746-06
Performance of DehumidifiersC749
Performance of DehumidifiersC749-07
Minimum Efficiency Values for Dry-Type TransformersC802.2
Minimum Efficiency Values for Dry-Type TransformersC802.2-06
Performance of General Service Fluorescent LampsC819
Performance of Internally Lighted Exit SignsC860
Performance of Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasted AdaptersC861
Performance of Incandescent Reflector LampsC862-01
Performance of Incandescent Reflector LampsC862-09
Use of Electricity in MinesCan/CSA-M421-93
Wood Utility Poles and Reinforcing StudsCan3-015-M83
Guide for Selecting and Implementing the Can3-Z299-85 Quality Program StandardsCan3-Z299.0-86
Quality Assurance Program - Category 1Can3-Z299.1-85
Quality Control Program - Category 2Can3-Z299.2-85
Quality Verfication Program - Category 3Can3-Z299.3-85
Inpsection Program - Category 4Can3-Z299.4-85
Vented Gas FireplacesCSA 2.22-2000
Gas Fired Central FurnacesCSA 2.3-2001
Vented Gas Fireplace HeatersCSA 2.33-2002
Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Regulatory PurposesCSA-ISO 13485:03
Daytime Running Light SystemsD603-88
Fire Performance and Antistatic Requirements for Conveyor BeltingM422-M87
Non-Rail Bound Diesel Powered Machines for Use in Non-Gassy Underground MinesM424.2-M90
Braking Performance - Rubber Tired, Self Propelled Underground Mining MachinesM424.3-M90
Testing Method for Measuring Efficiency and Energy Consumption of Gas Fired Unit HeatersP.11-07
Testing Method for Measuring Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of Residential Gas-Fired Furnaces and BoilersP.2-07
Testing Method for Measuring Consumption and Determining Efficiencies of Gas-Fired Storage Water HeatersP.3-04
Testing Method for Measuring Annual Fireplace EfficiencyP.4.1-02
Mode Code for the Protection of Personal InformationQ830.96
Risk Management: Guideline for Descision MakersQ850-97
Antennas, Towers, and Antenna-Supporting StructuresS37-94
General Requirements, Design Criteria, the Environment, and LoadsS471-92
Foundations, Offshore StructuresS472-92
Commentary to the CSA Standard CAN/CSA-S472-92 FoundationsS472.1-1992
Steel Structures, Offshore StructuresS473-92
Structures, Offshore StructuresS473-92
Concrete StructuresS474-M1989
Sea OperationsS475-M1989
Canadian Highway Bridge Design CodeS6-06
Ferry Boarding FacilitiesS826.1-01
Safety Code for Personnel HoistsZ-185-M1979
Octave, Half Octave and Third Octave Band Filter SetsZ107.5-1975
Procedures for the Measurement of Occupational Noise ExposureZ107.56-M86
Portable LaddersZ11
Safety Code for the Woodworking IndustryZ114-M1977
Code for the Guarding of Punch Presses at Point of OperationZ142-1976
Supplement 1-1977 to CSA Standard Z150-1974 Safety Code for Mobile CranesZ150
Safety Code for Mobile CranesZ150-1974
Explosive Actuated Fastening ToolsZ166-1975
Compressed Breathing Air and SystemsZ180.1-M85
Gas Pipeline SystemsZ184-M92
Protective FootwearZ195-M1984
Guideline for Managing Air Quality in Office BuildingsZ204-94
Vehicle Equipment Requirements for Mobile Homes and Recreational VehiclesZ240.1-1975
Structural Requirements for Mobile HomesZ240.2.1-1979
Plumbing Requirements for Mobile HousingZ240.3.1-1973
Gas Equipped Recreational Vehicles and Mobile HousingZ240.4-1974
Oil Requirements for Mobile Housing and Recreational VehiclesZ240.5-1971
Electrical Requirements for Mobile HomesZ240.6.1-1976
Security Management for Petroleum and Natural gas Industry SystemsZ246
Body Belts and Saddles for Work Positioning and Travel RestraintZ259.1-05
Fall Arresting Safety Belts and Lanyards for the Construction and Mining IndustriesZ259.1-1976
Full Body HarnessesZ259.10-06
Energy Absorbers and LanyardsZ259.11-05
Connecting Components for Personal Fall Arrest SystemsZ259.12-01
Flexible Horizontal Lifeline SystemsZ259.13-04
Design of Active Fall Protection SystemsZ259.16-04
Fall Arresting Devices, Personnel Lowering Devices and Life LinesZ259.2-M1979
Fall Arresters, Vertical Lifelines and RailsZ259.2.1-98
Self Retracting Devices for Personal Fall Arrest SystemsZ259.2.2-98
Descent Control DevicesZ259.2.3-99
Lineman's Body Belt and Lineman's Safety StrapZ259.3-M1978
Ice Hockey HelmetsZ262.1
Face Protectors for Ice Hockey and Box Lacrosse PlayersZ262.2-M78
Hyperbaric FacilitiesZ275.1-93
Occupational Safety Code for Diving OperationsZ275.2-92
Liquefied Natural Gas Production Storage and HandlingZ276
Nonflammable Medical Gas Piping SystemsZ305.1
Qualification Requirements for Agencies Testing Nonflammable Medical Gas Piping SystemsZ305.4
Installation and Ventilation of Ethylene Oxide Sterlizers in Health Care FacilitiesZ314.9-M89
Hydrocarbons in Underground FormationsZ341
Control of Hazardous Energy, Lockout and Other MethodsZ460-05
Safety of Corded Window Covering ProductsZ600
Chain SawsZ62.1-M85
Recloseable Child-Resistant PackagesZ76.1-M90
Cells, Tissues, and Organs for Transplantation and Assistaed Reproduction: General RequirementsZ900.1
Tissues for TransplantationZ900.2.2
Perfusable Organs for TransplantationZ900.2.3
Ocular Tissues for Transplantation Z900.2.4
Lymphohematopoietic Cells for TransplantationZ900.2.5
Safety Code for Window Cleaning OperationsZ91-M90
Industrial Protective HeadwearZ94.1-92
Hearing ProtectorsZ94.2-M1984
Industrial Eye and Face ProtectorsZ94.3-M1982
Selection, Use, and Care of RespiratorsZ94.4-93