Alberta Intends to Defy the Court

July 22nd, 2019

We could be in for a bit of a blow up this fall.  Might be a big one. 

The Government of Alberta has advised, thus far informally, that it will not comply with Manson’s Law, the Court Ruling which permits private ownership of legislation.  The Government has advised that a formal declaration on the matter will be released this summer.  Watch for it folks, this is big.

A Provincial Government does not have the authority to defy Federal Court Rulings without invoking the Notwithstanding Clause.  While Alberta could do this, it’s not keen to.  It’s a nuclear option and Alberta’s never successfully used it.  Just using the Notwithstanding Clause would be big news.  It isn’t likely to happen.

Instead, the Government of Alberta will try to quietly defy the Court, trusting that neither they nor the Federal Civil Service have an interest in a public dust-up.  If all goes to their plan, the particulars of Manson’s Law will be denied to everyone in defiance of Court Rulings and applied exclusively to PS Knight Co. 

That is, only the penalty portions, the preclusions, will apply to PS Knight Co.  The Government has no plans to honour the authorities of Manson’s Law when it comes to PS Knight’s invoicing of the Government of Alberta.

See?  The rights accorded by Manson’s Law will only be respected in payments to the Civil Service, the rights of PS Knight will be ignored.  Likewise, the responsibilities defined by Manson’s Law will be enforced on PS Knight, but the Civil Service will be exempted from the responsibilities portion of their own Ruling.

This means the law means nothing.  It’s whatever you want it to be, if you’ve got money and power.  It’s a stick for the mighty to beat upon the rest of us.  Most people don’t know how the law works in Canada, and it’s that well-meaning naivete, that desire to believe in fairness and justice that can ultimately rule the day, if the public discovers the realities of Manson’s Law.

So what will we do?  Well, we’ll go public of course.  We’ll also comply with Manson’s Law as written and the decisions of the Government of Alberta for, obviously, we must comply with both.  That’s the awkward part, in that we’re required at law to comply with law, yet it’s impossible to comply with two opposite requirements at the same time.  As the Government and the Court are taking opposite positions on Manson’s Law and just hoping no-one will notice the contradictions between them, and as we have no power to adjudicate between competing levels of government, we’ll have to comply with the most recent declaration, whichever it turns out to be. 

In this, and based on the information we’ve received from the Government of Alberta, Knight’s Code could be back on the shelves as early as Sept. (background here).

Next, we’ll focus on the going public part.  Since the Ruling we’ve kept mum on the matter, only publishing on this site, and we did the quiet bit by agreement with Members of Alberta’s Provincial Cabinet.  They needed time to absorb the Ruling and sort their response to it, and that whole process culminates in the Government declaration this summer.

In preparation then, we’ve done a few interviews already, these for magazine publications in Sept / Oct, and we’re lining up an entire junket of exposure, starting in radio.

The Civil Service’ expectation from day-one was that the law won’t apply to them, that they can engineer whatever legal result they want, and that they can deny protections at law to whomever they want, in this case, and specifically, PS Knight Co.  They now expect us to accept our fate as mere plebs, nothings, and with folded hands to go quietly.

But as we’ve said here before, “nothing sanitizes like sunlight.”  We’re going to bring some. 

We just don’t believe that the public is in favour of two-tier justice and the brazen lawlessness of the Civil Service.  We could be wrong, but this fall we’ll find out, and it’ll be fun.

We’re not going to go quietly.  We’ll raise hell; it’ll be heaven.