An Important Message from CSA Group

December 13th, 2020

On Nov 8th we announced to much joy and mirthment that we were advertising for the next edition of Knight’s Code.

You may recall that through connections the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) was trying to convince publishers to refuse our advertising.  The CSA only had partial success in this, and we did get our advertising through.

Electrical Business Magazine is now carrying our advert.

What we didn’t mention in the article is that we’ve also started advertising online.  A variety of web adverts are running, letting the electrical and contracting worlds know that Knight’s Code will indeed be available next spring and we’re indeed taking reservations right now.

The CSA was indeed plenty peeved at this.

The fact is that Canada’s electrical laws have been around since 1927, but it was only until Knight’s Code was released a few years ago that there was any competition at all in getting the law to the people who need it.

It’s that competition, the need to satisfy customers, to produce a quality product, that CSA’s so frightened of.  They’re used to running roughshod over their “customers.”

By “customers,” of course, I mean those of us who have professional need to access electrical laws.  In monopolies such as CSA’s long had and is trying so hard to protect, there’s no need at all to treat people kindly, surely no need to protect the people’s pocketbooks.  In this, CSA hasn’t had customers so much as casualties.

One of our online advertisements carries this banner;

“For ninety years you had no choice.  Now you do.”

Well, that might’ve put them over the edge.

On Dec 10th, the CSA did a mass email to their “customer” base.  They proclaimed that PS Knight was making “fraudulent claims” about Knight’s Code and that the advertising of our book, and surely the sales of it, are “unlawful”. 


Apparently our advertising and our coming sales are a violation of the Federal Court of Appeal Ruling which upheld Manson’s Law (the Ruling which legitimized private ownership of legislation).

What CSA declines to mention is that Knight’s Code is being released by PS Knight Americas Inc, a US corporation outside the reach of Manson’s Law.  Further, this company holds copyright assignments covering an amount of Code roughly similar to CSA’s contributions to the Code.  And further still, this company is the registered lawful owner of the Canadian Electrical Code in the United States.

In other words, the CSA isn’t reacting honourably.  They are being dishonest with their “customers.”  Judge for yourself: we’ll include the CSA warning at the bottom of this article.

You know folks, whether you agree with us at RestoreCSA or not, we should all be able to agree on being honest with one another. 

The CSA isn’t doing this, they’re hoping that they can lie their way out of competition in the book business.

Well then, tell your friends about us, invite people to explore the issue, our company and our products; give the people the power to be customers, not casualties. 

Said a sage political leader some years ago;

“Give people freedom to choose and they’ll choose freedom every time.”

Anyway, here’s the CSA yarn spinning of the moment…

CSA Important Message Dec 2020