Announcing the Investigations

April 26th, 2015

Here at RestoreCSA, we have sometimes made vague references to law enforcement interest in the conduct of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  We’ve been quite restricted in what we can say.  Actually, we remain quite restricted, but as of last week things loosened slightly.

We can now confirm that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Financial Crimes Unit (RCMP) has opened a criminal investigation into CSA conduct.  FYI, the Financial Crimes Unit has responsibility for government corruption cases.  We can further confirm that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has initiated at least two criminal investigations into CSA activities in the United States.

The RCMP and FBI are investigating CSA practices under several statutes in Canada and the US in five broad areas, with most focus on actions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US), various State racketeering laws (or RICO laws), and Section 46 of the Canadian Criminal Code.  Specifically, the five areas are as follows; 1) trading influence over Canadian domestic law for money or other influence,  2) affording influence over domestic law to foreign powers and foreign citizens without lawful authority,  3) transferring of technical and related information deemed confidential in the national interest to foreign powers and foreign citizens without lawful authority,  4) falsifying and / or counterfeiting certification documents for purposes of unlawful sale or importation to / from Canada or the United States, and;  5) a series of sundry and related financial irregularities.

This isn’t the sum of it.  Rather, these five are what we’re aware of and are free to acknowledge.  Neither the RCMP or FBI are obligated to share information on their investigations, beyond acknowledging that their work is ongoing. 

For instance, one of the FBI’s criminal investigations was opened prior to RestoreCSA’s meeting with them.  Frankly, we had nothing to do with launching that one, we only answered their questions and furnished some files.  Likewise, we have no knowledge of CSA personnel working with the FBI on this file.  All we know is that the FBI received a pile of paper from inside CSA but, unlike most of our piles, their pile of paper came with contact information.

Meanwhile, in the cubicles of CSA offices, the minions in CSA’s employ have been repeatedly assured by their overpaid managers that there’s nothing at all to worry about, RestoreCSA has it all wrong, the evidence is unimpressive, nothing to see here, etcetera and ad-nauseam.

Of course, most CSA staff aren’t taking the party line very seriously.  We know this because they talk to us.  Well, some of them do. 

Finally, to those who don’t talk to us, and in the spirit of fair-mindedness, RestoreCSA would like to respectfully remind them that any move to destroy files, emails, or other records of any kind will shortly be frowned upon by all sorts of authority figures.  Remember Arthur Andersen?  Remember how CSA has lately behaved in like manner?  As that sort of conduct could be quite problematic going forward, it’s probably a good idea to save everything without regard to management instruction.


Special Note:

To The Good Samaritan in Florida, thank you for the documents.  We note that while your documents appear to align with certain worrying trends at CSA, they do not in themselves validate the specific accusations contained in your covering letter.  Perhaps the missing connections will be evident in the additional documentation you mentioned.  We would appreciate receiving your clarification when you send these further documents.