Celebratory Recognition of the CSA

January 9th, 2014

We recently reported on CSA’s lobbying activities, including their multi-year effort to convince the Government of Canada to accede to a “CSA Day.”  In response to their efforts, RestoreCSA has sent the following letter to the Hon. Claude Carignan, Leader of the Government of Canada in the Senate.


Dear Sir:

Re: Canadian Standards Association – “CSA Day”

We note that the latest report from Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada on the lobbying activities of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) indicate that a meeting occurred between the CSA and a “representative of the Office of the Leader of the Government in Senate to discuss a potential ‘CSA Day’”.  We further note that your office also met with the CSA during 2012 on the same subject.

As you may be aware, the CSA’s conduct on a variety of issues would appear to preclude any celebratory recognition or equivalent facilitation by the Government of Canada. 

Specifically, and by way of example, the CSA was recently caught running an eight-year long program of selling counterfeit safety certifications.  The CSA has been selling influence over Canadian legislative processes and has advertised these influence sales internationally.  The CSA appears to be in breach of its accreditation (via the Standards Council of Canada) and in ongoing violation of federal copyright laws in the publication of legal statutes.  The CSA has claimed private ownership of public law and has sought to restrict public access to public law and to charge “royalties” for using, commenting upon, or compliance with legal statutes.

The conduct of the CSA has significantly damaged the citizens of Canada.  The CSA’s predatory practices have inflicted financial harm on a wide variety of businesses.  Counterfeiting activity by the CSA has pushed Canadian companies into bankruptcy.  The CSA’s practice of restricting safety information has reduced the safety of the Canadian public. 

In this context of CSA conduct, we respectfully request that the Leader of the Government in Senate decline to afford any celebratory or equivalent recognition to the CSA in the form of a “CSA Day” or similar facilitation or, in the alternative, that equal treatment and equal recognition be afforded to a “Victims of CSA Day.”

Thank you for your consideration.


Cc: [various]