Cross-Border Influence

May 19th, 2014

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has for years been allowing foreigners to draft Canadian laws in trade for money.  RestoreCSA reported on this activity earlier this year.  For its part, the CSA is in full denial mode.  And that’s understandable, a Section 46 conviction is a really, really serious thing.

Last year, the National Post reported our growing suspicions about CSA’s relationship with foreigners.  In response to the Post’s queries about CSA selling influence to foreigners, the CSA’s Anothony Toderian claimed that “its simply not possible for us to do that.  There’s no way that we can give influence over the Canadian Electrical Code to anybody because its developed by an open and transparent process…” (etc. and so forth). 

Well, during 2012, Mr. Tom Buchal of Intertek Energy Services was “given influence over the Canadian Electrical Code.”  In fact, the CSA lists him as an author of that legislation.  And he lives on US Route 11 in Cortland, New York.

Then there’s Watts Reliant, Inc., whose Engineering Manager, a man named Dustin Allcorn, was also given influence over the 2012 Code.  He’s from Springfield, Missouri.  Mr. Dave Clements is another author, and he lives in Richardson, Texas.  And it goes on like this, the CSA routinely lets foreigners draft Canadian laws.

As for Mr. Toderian, RestoreCSA is quite fond of him and his silly statements, we think he should have his own fan site.  He routinely makes broad, sweeping statements such as; “these allegations are baseless,” in reference to the treason charge, “they’re simply untrue.”  But they are true.  Mr. Buchal is actually from New York, Mr. Allcorn is really from Missouri, and Mr. Clements is truly from Texas.  We know, we checked.

Then there’s the really awkward part.  The CSA knows that its not supposed to be giving influence over Canadian law to foreigners, much less selling that influence.  They know this, they’ve admitted this internally.  We know they know.  Know why?

RestoreCSA is in possession of minutes from a variety of internal CSA meetings, including some which feature the question of influence sales.

From the CSA minutes, read carefully:  “In reply to a question […], although [the CSA page] does not cover the question of membership nationality, it is necessary that all members of the […] Committees should be residents of Canada because of possible conflicts that may arise during the voting on international drafts.”

Note that being Canadian is necessary, their word.  This necessity is what the CSA knows, and its what Anthony Toderian denied on the record.

So how does one fudge the residency requirement?  Well, the chair of one of the committees advised that the CSA “members would sit as [a different] group in the morning and as a CSA group in the afternoon.”  Same members, mind you, just with different labels.  Sound familiar

We should note that RestoreCSA’s respect for CSA record keeping is rather low.  The CSA actually misfiled / lost / shredded the legal Authorization Letter for PS Knight not once, but on several occasions prior to litigation.  We had to keep sending them copies of it.  In a charitable spirit therefore, and aware that CSA staff are regular visitors to RestoreCSA, and to give the CSA a fighting chance at finding their own files, we’re pleased to share that the minutes noted above are dated February 24th, 1982.  The quotes are on Page 2, just above the 10:15AM cut-off.  And the CSA file number is A1-WP-2/7.  And with all of this assistance, if the CSA still can’t find their own file then they’re quite hopeless.