CSA Engineers a Shutdown of RestoreCSA.com Website

July 28th, 2013

RestoreCSA.com was offline for two days this week as a result of a threatening letter sent by CSA to our website host.  In response, we have changed servers and are back online.

If CSA believes that the RestoreCSA website is defamatory or in some other way illegal, they have the options of injunctive relief or launching a defamation suit against us.  The challenge for CSA however, is that the contents of RestoreCSA are very difficult to assail.  Statements of fact on RestoreCSA.com are demonstrably factual, statements of opinion are likewise clearly opinion statements; there is no basis for either injunctive relief or a defamation suit. 

One should note that the options for RestoreCSA are much more limited than those available to CSA itself.  The CSA organization has been granted a series of immunities from civil litigation whereas RestoreCSA has no such protective benefit.  The CSA can do as it pleases, but RestoreCSA has to play by all of the rules.

One should also note that RestoreCSA invited CSA to meet for resolution, but CSA leadership have refused any discussion of any change of course at CSA.  Instead of discussion, CSA is trying to silence other voices on regulatory in Canada.  Sending threatening letters seems to be CSA’s default response whenever they get frustrated.

But these are expensive.  In trying to achieve a form of injunctive relief by bypassing the courts, CSA has harmed their case before the courts.  In any injunctive relief filing, due notice is expected in order to ensure that both parties can make their case for or against such relief.  The CSA gave no notice at all to RestoreCSA, to its website host, or to our legal counsel.  In this, they have further depleted their relational capital with ourselves and our legal team.  We already considered the commitments of CSA as undependable given their record on such things, but their handling of this incident has served to reconfirm our wariness and vigilance in our dealings with them.  And CSA incurred all of this damage for a mere two days of respite from RestoreCSA.

RestoreCSA will continue to push for recovery of the CSA organization.  Canada needs a standards entity in service to the public, and we believe that CSA can be recovered to that role.