CSA Sends Threatening Letter to Wrong Company

July 28th, 2013

Recently, RestoreCSA.com was offline for two days as a result of a threatening letter sent by CSA to our website host.  In response, we changed hosting companies.  The same day that RestoreCSA went back online, legal counsel for CSA sent a letter to our original hosting company accusing them of reposting our website and threatening them with further action.  As mentioned however, we had changed our hosting company.  And its quick to confirm this but CSA accused without bothering to check the accuracy of their charge.  As a result, CSA has just accused an innocent company and threatened them for the second time in a week.

This is the sort of slapdash management that put CSA in this awkward position in the first place.  It is the natural result of a cloistered, protected environment where nobody faces competition or accountability. 

We can build a better regulator.  The CSA organization can be recovered to the integrity, capability and service orientation which served Canada so well for so many years.  RestoreCSA is committed to a full recovery for CSA.