CSA’s Wild Travel Budget

October 8th, 2013

Let’s say that you spent $65k on a vacation.  Maybe you’re wealthy.  You’d have to be, that’s an awful lot of money to spend on travel.  The CSA’s travel budget is $65,868, but they don’t spread that sum over a few weeks of vacation.  That’s their travel budget per day.

What are the numbers?  Well, the CSA reported spending $16,467,000 on travel during 2012.  That works out to $1,372,250 per month, and $316,673 per week, and $65,868 per workday.

The CSA was created to “coordinate the efforts of ‚Ķstandardization of engineering materials.”  That’s it.  Spending such vast amounts of money to merely coordinate things is, well, striking.  While we don’t know what CSA is spending on hotels, cars, or food, because they are exempted from the Freedom of Information Act, we can get a pretty good idea of the scale of their travel by assessing their travel budget against current airfares.

Alright, lets look at how much travel they can afford with their travel budget.  Lets start with current airfares to major centres that CSA might want to visit, and lets assume that the departures are from their base in Toronto.  As below, regular return airfares from Toronto to the following cities are:

Current airfare rates - regular ticket price (via Travelocity - recorded on Aug 13, 2013)

$300.23 - Chicago
$447.15 - Cleveland
$221.76 - Ottawa
$567.07 - Vancouver
$241.46 - Montreal
$432.92 - Atlanta
$502.26 - Los Angeles
$598.39 - Seattle
$991.84 - London
$939.30 - Rome
$1,066.88 - Hong Kong

How many times could someone travel from Toronto to elsewhere (and return) with CSA’s travel budget?

Annual return trips:

54,848 - Chicago
36,827 - Cleveland
74,256 - Ottawa
29,039 - Vancouver
68,198 - Montreal
38,037 - Atlanta
32,786 - Los Angeles
27,519 - Seattle
16,602 - London
17,531 - Rome
15,435 - Hong Kong

Monthly return trips:

4,571 - Chicago
3,069 - Cleveland
6,188 - Ottawa
2,420 - Vancouver
5,683 - Montreal
3,170 - Atlanta
2,732 - Los Angeles
2,293 - Seattle
1,384 - London
1,461 - Rome
1,286 - Hong Kong

Daily return trips (per workday):

219 - Chicago
147 - Cleveland
297 - Ottawa
116 - Vancouver
273 - Montreal
152 - Atlanta
131 - Los Angeles
110 - Seattle
66 - London
70 - Rome
62 - Hong Kong

Hourly return trips (ever hour, 24hrs / day, every workday):

9 - Chicago
6 - Cleveland
12 - Ottawa
5 - Vancouver
11 - Montreal
6 - Atlanta
5 - Los Angeles
5 - Seattle
3 - London
3 - Rome
3 - Hong Kong

No doubt, the CSA will argue that they are frightfully important people, they’re not like mere ordinary people, they’re not like you.  Oh no, as important people they have important things to do in important places.  This will surely be the CSA’s position when they’re questioned about their travel expenses.  Why?  Well, because its hard to spend $16MM on travel per year by flying commercial.

Do you really believe that CSA is flying a staff member to Montreal eleven times per hour, every hour, every workday?  Do you really think that some CSA executive is flying back and forth to Chicago 219 times per day?  Really?  So the math doesn’t really work, does it?  In purely practical terms, it is highly likely that CSA has been chartering corporate jets.

That’s awkward.  The CSA is a federal regulator, paid with tax dollars from your wallet.  And it has a microscopic mandate, it merely “coordinates” things.  Heads will roll should it ever come out that the management of a domestic regulatory entity are opulently treating each other with the jet-setting lifestyles of Saudi princes at taxpayer expense.

RestoreCSA is working diligently to recover the CSA organization, and accountability in expenditure is a key part of that recovery.  The CSA’s arrogant and exploitive self entitlement culture will yet yield to the emergence of the credible, capable and honourable regulator that Canadians once had and will have once again.  Thank you for your support.