December 7th Advisory

November 30th, 2015

RestoreCSA readers will recall that in the spring of this year the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) launched a series of legal filings against PS Knight Co, these being in addition to CSA’s 2012 Federal litigation.

Specifically, CSA started actions in 2015 against PS Knight Co in British Columbia, in Ontario, and internationally in Switzerland.  Each of these CSA filings covered the same issues at the same time in their different, and sometimes overlapping, jurisdictions.  The CSA’s actions in British Columbia and Switzerland have already concluded in our favour, only the Ontario action remains from CSA’s barrage of filings. 

Next week, on December 7th, a Court in Ottawa will hear arguments in the Ontario action. 

The CSA / PS Knight case is a lot more colourful that we can legally describe, and the circumstances of the Ontario Action are surely a case in point.  Most of the paperwork remains privileged, and most of the detail is unpublishable, at least at present.  In our reporting on these legal process, RestoreCSA is dealing with the publicly accessible realities of legal hearings rather than the privileged particulars in the background to those hearings.  In time, perhaps, we will be free to share more fully.

There are no guarantees in any courtroom, but RestoreCSA will respond responsibly to either result, in our favour or against, and will report that verdict on this site with whatever detail we are permitted to include.