Doug Geralde: “Remarkable Individual”

7 years, 1 day, 15 hours, 25 minutes ago

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is an administrative authority of the Government of Ontario, reporting to the Minister for Consumer Services.  In 2012, this Government authority conferred an award on Mr. Doug Geralde, in his capacity representing the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  The awkward part?  It was a product safety award.

“Protecting Ontarians from electrical hazards is a collective endeavour” said the ESA.  “Each year, a few remarkable individuals and organizations stand out with incredible achievements in advancing electrical safety and demonstrating their firm commitment to building a safety culture across the province.” 

RestoreCSA readers will recall that the “safety culture” of the CSA doesn’t include actual product safety.  Rather, the CSA’s safety culture features the counterfeiting of safety certifications on hundreds of imported products, the faked or often entirely missing safety testing of consumer products, the manipulation of safety standards for revenue purposes, known internally as “revving the reports,” and the subsequent internal coverup of these practices by a variety of CSA managers, including Mr. Doug Geralde

As we reported in June of this year, several CSA insiders have come forward to question the conduct of Mr. Geralde.  “I think his job was just to hide stuff,” said one whistleblower, “Geralde was a fixer.”

The CSA has little interest in actual product safety and the CSA’s Doug Geralde is accused by multiple sources as being active in subverting safety testing and covering up the evidence.  This is the context in which the ESA recognized Mr. Geralde’s “career-long dedication to product safety on a national scale”. 

The ESA also commended Mr. Geralde for “his leadership in the Anti-Counterfeiting Network”.  This is the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, a CSA front for Parliamentary hearings.  This Anti-Counterfeiting group was founded by CSA at the height of their own counterfeiting operation and is most notable for protecting CSA personnel on its board while simultaneously calling for the “imprisonment” of anyone caught behaving like the CSA.  And the “CSA personnel on its board” includes Doug Geralde.

Said the ESA; “Once again, award winners and their organizations exemplify the leadership, innovation and determination that are needed to protect us from electrical hazards and make us all that much safer.” 

Alright, so there’s clearly a large, if not yawning, chasm between what the ESA wanted to honour and what they actually honoured.  Its arguable that if the ESA had known in 2012 what Geralde and his employer were up to, well, the ESA’s Product Safety award wouldn’t likely have been conferred on them.  That’s our view anyway.

Several weeks ago, RestoreCSA wrote to the ESA to highlight this yawning chasm.  We noted that “the basis for the ESA conferment, that being Geralde’s ‘dedication to product safety’ and his ‘leadership in the Anti-Counterfeiting Network,’ is inconsistent with the growing body of evidence of his CSA role in managing the falsification of product safety certifications, the sales of counterfeit certifications, the destruction of evidence, and the concealment of legally questionable conduct.”

And we requested action.  “In this context, could you kindly advise whether the ESA will reopen the Geralde conferment for review during the fall of 2014 and commit to rescinding the Ontario Electrical Safety Award as conferred upon him, should that review demonstrate a misalignment between the award criteria and Mr. Geralde’s conduct?”

The CSA’s culture is rooted in being above the law; that because they write the law, they therefore own the law; that laws are for the little people and surely shouldn’t apply to the entitled mandarins of the CSA’s civil service.  The CSA will therefore be mightily miffed at our letter.  How dare we apply the same plebian standards of law and integrity to someone of Geralde’s stature?  They’ll think it inappropriate, a sort of Lese-Majeste against our bureaucratic betters.

Doug Geralde would do well to recall that none of his dealings would be public knowledge were it not for CSA’s decision to launch an attack on PS Knight Co Ltd.  All of this, every detail of CSA’s questionable conduct and every review underway, everything that RestoreCSA has exposed or initiated, -all of this is a direct result of the CSA’s decision to target PS Knight Co Ltd in a shakedown for protection payments.  As Mr. Geralde knows, and as we have cause to suspect, the career of whoever made that damning decision is on thin ice now.

At present, the ESA is “reviewing” our submission and, given what is now public knowledge about CSA conduct, we are optimistic that the Government of Ontario will shortly correct the situation.



Two weeks ago, someone sent us a picture with a brief handwritten description on the back of it.  We think that we understand the significance of the activity recorded in this picture but we would appreciate confirmation of our understanding.  If the person who submitted this picture would furnish an explanation of the activity recorded in the picture, including its significance, location, approximate date, etc., forwarded to RestoreCSA in the same manner as the original submission, it would be most warmly appreciated.