Even More CSA CEO Turmoil - CSA Pulls the Plug

February 27th, 2016

“Your diligence is very impressive.  I’m an ex-CSA employee and a big fan.  I don’t agree with all of your conclusions, but most of the facts are in line with my experience.”

We have been receiving information for several months from a particular former Canadian Standards Association (CSA) employee.  While we hear from quite a few CSA personalities, this former employee had some especially interesting perspectives to share.

For instance, CSA has finally removed one of their two CEO vacancy postings.  One posting has been removed entirely, the other remains on LinkedIn but is marked as no longer accepting applications.

This marks the end of yet another amazing CSA screwup.  RestoreCSA readers will recall that the CSA publicly announced that they were recruiting for a President and CEO to replace the recently hired David Weinstein.  We reported on that posting.  Then the CSA angrily stated that what they said wasn’t true and what they posted didn’t exist.  So we reported on that too.  Now, somewhat embarrassed from all this, they’ve pulled one posting and closed the other.

Why not remove both postings?  Well, as our friendly source put it, “because CSA doesn’t know how to delete it!”

Seriously?  Here are some explanations that we’ve received:

“Headquarters is a black hole of IT expense, but divisions are pretty much on their own for any systems that are not SAP.”

“You can’t make this stuff up! Information technology is a lost art at CSA. They spend mind-boggling amounts of money on IT, but they have very little to show for it.”

“Former members of the IT department rarely discuss how dysfunctional it is, because [they] don’t want their own reputations linked to a bunch of bizarre anecdotes.”

The CEO search saga is surely one such anecdote.  But beyond the mechanics of pointlessly posting then pulling a position profile, a more basic question emerges;  Why draft a unique position profile for a position that isn’t vacant?  Or is it vacant?  Or was it vacant?  At CSA, it could be any of these options.  We will continue to monitor the CSA vacancy / non-vacancy story and will report any new developments.

One parting thought about the CEO profile.  How do you reconcile a “nonprofit organization” with a “focus on driving CSA’s profitable growth trajectory”?