Gordon Knight has Fled the Country

May 9th, 2021

On Oct 14th, the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA” / “Civil Service”) asked the Federal Court to Rule in their favour, against PS Knight, without hearing evidence, without allowing us a defence, and without a trial.

On Oct 29th, the Federal Court struck 87% of PS Knight’s response.  That is, they struck all 167 pages of evidence submitted against their Civil Service colleagues.

On or about Nov 4th (the date is unknown, we weren’t invited to participate), the Federal Court struck the remaining 13% of the PS Knight response, this being our submission on why Ruling in their own favour in a Secret Hearing without so much as a trial might be unjust.  Then they Ruled that the defendant, the owner of PS Knight and the author of this article, Gordon Knight, would not be allowed to even “speak” at the Hearing.  The Secret Hearing would take place on Nov. 10th.

On Nov 9th, the day before the Secret Hearing, the owner of PS Knight and the author of this article, Gordon Knight, fled the Country.

It just wasn’t safe to remain.

The Civil Service had by then a long record of violating a wide range of laws, safe in the knowledge that no Civil Servant prosecutor would ever prosecute a fellow Civil Servant. 

I won’t laundry list the legal breaches as most readers know what they are already, but if you want a primer try here.

We had seen the Civil Service escalate their actions and had seen their Court colleagues accelerate their cooperation in these various Civil Service litigations.  The Court was moving quickly now and CSA was pushing for ever more draconian results.

For the first time, the Civil Service was demanding that their colleagues in Court use their judicial powers to actually imprison someone inconvenient to the Civil Service.  The trial to arrange this imprisonment had already been scheduled for March 2021.

The procedural moves we’ve called Tabib’s Hammer, the ones outlined above that took place in late October, were designed to ensure a Civil Service win regardless of law.

In this context of, frankly, lawlessness in the Civil Service generally and the Courts in particular, and given that this lawlessness was aimed directly at PS Knight and its affable owner (that’s me), and given that both sides of the Civil Service were now moving rapidly to imprison me and take all that I own, it had become clear that remaining in the Country was an unjustifiable risk.

It was important that I be out of their easy reach before the Secret Hearing they’d arranged for Nov 10th.  As I couldn’t participate there, and as the Civil Service had ensured that no defences at all would be allowed against their demands, the Secret Hearing could’ve resulted in almost any action against me; immediate imprisonment, seizure of assets -almost anything really, and I’d have no warning that it was coming.

There was allowed no defence, remember.

I would venture that the Civil Service’ only worry during the Secret Hearing was that all of their conduct would be reported on RestoreCSA.  In the past, this site has constrained the Court from its natural inclinations.

In the big picture, we saw this coming. 

For months, we had been quietly transferring PS Knight assets out of Canada.  The goal was to ensure continuity of service within Canada while taking the corporate entity out of Canada. 

Likewise, our inventory and storage has been, shall we say, dispersed.  It would be difficult for the Civil Service to prevent Canadians from accessing PS Knight products.

And, for myself, while PS Knight still ships from Canada, I am personally now ensconced at an undisclosed location in United States.  ...Pardon the Dick Cheney-like description.

Well folks, the act of fleeing the Country was traumatic. 

The Court had for eight years been dragging its feet on the file because CSA wanted it that way.  In the last year, now that CSA wanted to crush me quickly, the Court was moving quickly.  That meant that I had about a week between the Civil Service’ arranging of the Secret Hearing and the actual date of that Hearing.  Not a lot of time to get out of town.

I solidified the corporate side, the myriad of things that hadn’t yet been dealt with.  Personally, I shed a lot of possessions, put my affairs in order, and just barely got out under the wire.

On Nov 9th, the day before the Secret Hearing, I flew out of Calgary with, literally, just a carry-on bag.  That’s it.  That’s all I had to secure my safety.

As I flew out with Corona going on, it was a circuitous route.  I flew from Calgary to Vancouver, then to San Francisco, then to Las Vegas for four days (flights weren’t plentiful in November), then on to my final destination.

I’ve been rebuilding since arrival.  I know that the Civil Service can hit me here, and regular readers know they’ve already launched US litigations against me.  It’s also true that Civil Servants are globalists in outlook, perceiving more in common with other bureaucrats across a national border than with the citizens in their own country.  That is, the Canadian Civil Service works with the US Civil Service to reciprocal benefit. 

I know I’m not untouchable here, but I’m safer where I’m at than in Calgary.  Hitting me here is harder.  There are more impediments in the US, more checks on Civil Service lawlessness, and they’ll need a formal extradition process to get access to me now. 

That, and I can apply for political asylum if the need arises.  Preparation has already been made.

I need to emphasize that the products of PS Knight (Electrical Code Simplified and Knight’s Code books) are unaffected and still ship from Canada.  We’re still in business, still doing our best in business.  It’s deliberate; customers shouldn’t notice a difference in products or service.

Ponder;  What did we do to deserve this decade of attacks?  We complied with the law, folks.  That’s what we did.  We honestly conducted business in the same manner and with the same product line that we’d had for decades -the same products that CSA happily contributed to for decades.  And now I’ve had to flee the country for it.  It’s surreal.  Third world.  It’s corruption.

Civil Service corruption is the cause of all that we’ve endured in this ten-years of travesty.  When bureaucrats can use governmental powers to secure their own financial interests; when they can arrange Court rulings to their liking; when they can defy the law with impunity while punishing others for adhering to it; when the civil service can do anything without consequence while others do everything in compliance and are persecuted for it -that is what corruption is, that is its definition.

If you’ll pardon a moment of self-congratulation, we’ve done well to still be standing after all they’ve done. 

One more thing…

We’ve been teasing of major announcements, and this article is one of them.  Another will follow soon.

In time, laws will be applied to the lawless, justice to the unjust justices, and civilization will be forced upon the civil service.

It takes a bright sun to do all that.  And there’s one coming.  Stay tuned.