Knight’s Code is Back!

October 18th, 2020

Knight’s Code is back.  That’s right folks, our release of the 2018 - 2021 Canadian Electrical Code, which the Court Ruled against, is happily available once again.

And it’s still $60.  And CSA’s version is still $180.  There’s still that whopping price gap.

You’ll recall that the infamous Manson’s Law Ruling was intended to prevent any pesky competition to the Civil Service’ overpriced offerings.  You’ll recall that the Federal Court of Appeals upheld Manson’s Law, and the Supreme Court declined to rescind it.

Right now, Canadian laws are privately owned by whomever drafted them. 

That’s Manson’s Law.  That Ruling is absurd.  But it binds, like all Rulings, on all affected entities throughout the jurisdiction of the Federal Court. 

So how can we re-release Knight’s Code now?

Well, first “we,” (that’s me), incorporated a new entity in the US and transferred assets to that new entity.  Knight’s Code is re-released by PS Knight Americas Inc, from the US, and outside the direct jurisdiction of the Federal Court and Manson’s Law.

Next, we checked US copyright on the Electrical Code.  It turns out that the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) somehow forgot to register copyright over this document, even while it was under litigation in Canada.  Seriously.  They spent well over a million dollars in Canadian Courts, arguing that they own all our electrical laws and they feverishly pointed to their registration of copyright in Canada but, amazingly, didn’t bother to lock down copyright in the US.

So we did. 

As you read this, the Canadian Electrical Code is the private property of PS Knight Americas Inc in the US. 

Can you just imagine the fuming at CSA headquarters as they read that last sentence? 

All that taxpayer money, all that time, and frustration and, frankly, embarrassment in the industry for their conduct -all of that to no avail.  Wow.  Must be a difficult day over there.

What can they do about it?  Well, not much.  Well, not much legally anyway.  Manson’s Law has no traction in the US and, if you recall the US Supreme Court Ruling on ownership of legislation, the CSA has no basis in US law to argue the basis of Manson’s Law.

They’re screwed.

Now, let’s be clear about this, the civil service still has options, they’re just unattractive ones.  They could take some, shall we say, assertive interpretations of Canadian law to get what they want in defiance of what the law actually says.  Regular readers know the commitment of Canadian Courts to the Rule of Law is tenuous at best.  And they may prove that once again in their response.

We are not without options to deal with their responses, and we’ve got preparations in hand already. 

For now however, let us all enjoy the moment; a brief respite from the bullying of the bureaucrats and their bilking of the people of the Country. 

Sometimes a little light shines.  And it just did, and it’s only $60.  Tell your friends!

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