Litigation Update

October 19th, 2015

It’s been a busy month in the PS Knight / Canadian Standards Association trial.  The nature of legal developments however, is that most information is locked down in some way, such that we aren’t allowed to release most of the interesting details.  So here is your hugely abbreviated and largely sanitized summary of the current situation.

Regular readers will recall that the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has been filing a variety of legal motions to delay the trial.  Well, the Federal Court recently delayed hearing most of CSA’s motions.  That is, the Court has cancelled the scheduled dates for these hearings and has thus far declined to reschedule them, pending other case related developments.  The Court may still decide to schedule these hearings or, alternately, the Court may skip these and order the commencement of the full trial.  We should know which of these options we’re dealing with before year end.

We also participated, or are about to participate, in a required meeting or meetings, which will take place at an undisclosed location, with some people that we cannot identify, under authority we cannot divulge, whose particulars are confidential, and the results of which we cannot release.  Other than that we can tell you everything!

With apologies for the lack of any real information, RestoreCSA readers may be assured that there has been quite a bit of activity lately and that progress is indeed taking place.

In sincerity and jarring brevity,