Litigation Update 2021

February 14th, 2021

Welcome my dear friends, to the annual, or nearly annual, edition of Litigation Update.  This is where we list all of the Canadian Standards Association’s (Civil Service’s) various, sundry and altogether pointless wasting of taxpayer dollars, otherwise known as litigations against PS Knight.


This is the first litigation the Civil Service launched against PS Knight Co Ltd, against me personally (Gordon Knight) and against my elderly father (the late Peter Knight) in 2012. 

We were dragged through years of Discovery sessions, Motions of various sorts for various reasons, and seemingly endless travel to and from Toronto, and all for preparation for a trial on whether or not we had broken the law in publishing electrical guidebooks.

Readers will recall that the Civil Service didn’t really want to go to trial on this case at all.  They were claiming to own domestic laws privately and, however awkward to admit, they had been assisting PS Knight for over thirty years in publishing the very books they now claimed were illegal.  It wouldn’t look good in Court.

Readers will also recall that last year Court officials decided that it would best, for them of course, that I be denied the right to defend my company against their Civil Service colleagues.  Then they Ruled that my personal filing to the Court in my own defence should be stripped of the evidences featured therein.  Then they Ruled that as my defence now included no evidence, it was baseless in its allegations.  As such, they Ruled that it would be inappropriate to allow such baseless allegations in Court, so they struck the rest of my filing.

Yes, folks, this is happening in Canada.

Having creatively conspired to eliminate any defence against them, two branches of the Federal Civil Service (the Court Administration Service and the Canadian Standards Association) met privately to decide my fate and that of my family business.  I was not permitted even to “speak” -their choice of word- in that forum.

Justice Janet Fuhrer (her real name) was the Judge at the private Hearing and is presently pondering her Ruling in the matter.

While we have a lot of unfortunate experience with certain of her more crooked colleagues, and while the corruption of the Courts in Canada has lately been raising eyebrows throughout the world (Transparency International even downgraded Canada on its Corruption Index last year specifically due to bribery of judicial officials in this country), we have no experience with Justice Fuhrer to calibrate our expectations of her Ruling.  We can only go by our experience with the bench on which she serves.  In this context, perhaps Justice Fuhrer will Rule as impartially as her colleagues.

“Railway trains are impartial too, but if you lay down the lines for them, that’s the way they go.” - Bernard Wooley, BBC


This was the Civil Service’ attempt to prevent our publication of the 2015 edition of Knight’s Code.  They succeeded.  It was dirty, let’s be clear, but “by hook or by crook” they won with a surreal Ruling which upended 900 years of precedent on the nature of law.  That is, they got a Court to strike Alberta’s Queen’s Printer Copyright law and introduce the concept of private ownership of legislation in Canada.  This Ruling, known as Manson’s Law, is a national embarrassment.  But it’s also the law of the land now, however one-sidedly the Civil Service may treat it.

Readers will recall our extensive appeals of Manson’s Law and the Court’s refusal to Rule against their Civil Service colleagues.  Manson’s Law has been appealed to the Supreme Court, unsuccessfully, and is now no longer appealable. 

All that remains on this file is a costing appeal being handled by counsel as a mop-up operation.

Interesting New Stuff

“If CSA was a private company their leaders would be in jail already.”
- Lawyer, Tennessee, 2021

New information continues to surface of Civil Service subsurface dealings.  They’re dirty.  I mean, really dirty.  We know stuff, folks, and some of that stuff is part of the coming sunlight that we’ve been hinting at. 

It’s not just that the Canadian Standards Association is dirty here in Canada or in the US or around the world; it’s that they’re part of the Federal Government of Canada, so all this dirt is officially Canadian Government dirt.  That’s the difference between a corporate liability and a massive front-page scandal. 

“They’re civil servants masquerading as a private company, everyone knows this.  Well, everyone in Ottawa knows it.” - Member of Parliament, Calgary, 2018

Too many people know too much about the Civil Service for them to skate this time.

Federal Contempt of Court Charges

Readers will recall that the Civil Service is trying to put me (Gordon Knight) in prison for five years on contempt of court charges.  The crime?  A Stay Agreement, filed with the Court, was complied with and the Civil Service, on reflection, regretted how the Agreement had been worded. 

Basically, they suck at negotiating, signed a sucky deal, and they’re sucking thumbs over it. 

They want the Court to Rule that I violated the Agreement by complying with it, for what the Agreement says it means is the opposite of what it really means.  Obviously, this should be thrown out, but it hasn’t been and likely won’t be.  We’ve faced this from the Civil Service repeatedly in these cases, and each time the Court has Ruled that yes, indeed the law means the opposite of what it says.  Then they punish me for thinking otherwise.

In this, we’re not optimistic.  I’ll likely be Ruled against, and that will usher yet another new and tedious struggle to affirm the bleeding obvious.

Yet, there’s sunlight coming.  We’re serious about that, you know.

“Remember, Goliath was a forty-point favorite over David.”  - Ralph Jordan

Ontario Provincial Litigation

The Civil Service is also suing us in Ontario for daring to point out what the Civil Service has been up to in Ontario.

It’s a defamation action, filed for what you’ve read on this site.

Entertainingly, the Civil Service has claimed specific passages found on this website that they consider defamatory.  They’ve referenced them specifically.  The fun bit; some of those passages cited by the Civil Service were actually quotes from the Civil Service. 

On this site we’ve quoted their annual reports, filings and public statements.  The Civil Service claims that we defamed them by quoting them.  And that would mean that the Civil Service defamed themselves and we merely pointed it out.  And that’s absurd.

In any other forum, this would be laughable.  But in Canadian Courts, the Civil Service may yet arrange a Ruling in their own favour.

People often don’t think of the Civil Service as one big organization.  Instead, the Department of Fisheries and the Department of Justice, for instance, appear to be distinct entities.  Inside the Civil Service however, these two are just different offices within the same bureaucracy.  Staff can transfer from the one department to the other without difficulty.  A few years ago, we used this picture to explain the relationship.

In this litigation then, and in all their other litigations, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see surreal Rulings, or Rulings in breathtaking defiance of law, or wholesale corruption with reams of documentation to back it, yet without anyone in the Department of Justice concerned about any of it.  They’re just looking out for themselves, using the powers in their possession to get what they want. 

And that, folks, is why the particulars of the actions against us aren’t terribly important.  These litigations are just tools to get a job done.  The Civil Service will arrange the results it wants.  It falls to the little guy to get creative in the fight against Goliath.

New Texas Lawsuit

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” - Barack Obama, Virginia, 2008

The Civil Service has filed another new litigation against us, their seventh, this time in Texas.

Readers will recall that we registered US copyright over our portion of the Canadian Electrical Code in 2020.  That is, under Manson’s Law we own about 5% of the Code and we’ve got a copyright assignment that predates Mason’s Law to back that up.  And that’s what we registered.

The Civil Service is mighty miffed about this one, I can tell you.  But there’s not much they can do about it.  The fact is that Manson’s Law applies only in Canada and, in the civilized world, that Canadian Ruling is nonsensical.  The Supreme Court in the United States upheld the public nature of law only last year.  I mean, it’s absurd what they’re trying in Texas. 

More absurd, they don’t seem to appreciate that they can’t rig Rulings in the United States.  Don’t get me wrong, the Courts in the US have their issues, but the corruption in that system isn’t nearly as pervasive or overt as in Canadian Courts.  In the US, the Canadian Civil Service can’t arrange Rulings to their liking.

They’ve also got quite a dirty record in the US to somehow explain away.  The Ohio Ruling that they had conspired to defraud US citizens is a good example. 

Yes, they’ll try to paint themselves as nicely as possible but, in the end, the facts are as plain and clear as they’ve been to the Canadian Court system.  But while Canadian Courts are badly compromised, US Courts are more keen to call a spade a spade.  Or a pig a pig, lipstick or not.

Well folks, these are the Civil Service’ cases that are still outstanding.  It could be an interesting year.  Have faith, things are on the way.