More Threat Letters from CSA

May 28th, 2013

P.S. Knight Co. has received another threat letter from the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”).  This is the second CSA threat letter that P.S. Knight Co. has received in two weeks, this latest being an amendment to last week’s CSA threat letter. 

The details of correspondence between the legal representatives of P.S. Knight Co. and CSA are confidential, we can only advise on content that for all their ethical, legal or managerial failings, the CSA organization does at least exhibit the virtue of consistency. 

The CSA is well practiced at sending threatening letters.  RestoreCSA has been advised of quite a few of these, as sent by CSA to a wide range of entities in Canada.  The CSA has been bullying a lot of people but, thanks in part to RestoreCSA, a lot of their victims are discovering that they’re not alone.  The bullying stops when we stand together.