New Threat Letter from CSA

October 23rd, 2013

On Monday the CSA sent us a new and exciting threat letter.  This latest letter of October 21st is just a rehash of their previous threatening letter of September 13th, itself an update to CSA’s threatening letter of August 29th.  Readers will recall that the August 29th threatening letter was preceded by CSA’s embarrassing threat letter of July 28th which they issued, and sent, to the wrong company.  The July 28th threat letter was a follow-up to the CSA’s July 19th threat letter, itself a revision of their July 17th threat letter.  The CSA’s May 28th threat letter was not directly related to the threat letters of July 17th or July 19th, but was rather a near reiteration of their threatening letter of May 17th. 

In all, RestoreCSA has received seven threatening letters from CSA during 2013, though we have also received a wide variety of other threatening material that we cannot disclose for legal reasons. 

Additionally, RestoreCSA was sent a well written, if not well thought through, threatening letter from the lawyers of Ms Patti Ensor, CSA’s Manager of Commercial Alliances and the prime subject of our PattiWatch articles (as here, here and here).  Patti’s legal counsel is upset that RestoreCSA pointed out what Patti was doing.  Not that she was doing it, mind you, but that she was shown to be doing it.  Can’t have that.

We have also received threatening letters from CSA affiliates.  These were quite comical.  In one case, the letter’s intimidating mystique was offset somewhat by a glaring grammatical error and several spelling errors.  Another such letter arrived several months after it had been written.  That is, the postal mark on the envelope was recent whereas the date mark of the latter was several months old, which goes some distance to explaining why the content of the letter was so far out of date.

P.S. Knight Co. Ltd., the owner of, has received a large number of threatening letters from CSA since 2005.  One such letter advised that the CSA was willing to allow our business to continue to exist but they would not allow us to sell our business, nor to continue business operations upon the retirement of Peter Knight.  It was quite tempting to reply that we would likewise permit CSA to exist but only until their CEO resigned, then they’d have to close shop.

This is the gong show of CSA management.  Seemingly innumerable threats, implied and direct, followed by further threats, compounded by more, and usually ill-considered, shoddily assembled and in some cases laughably drafted, all sent with the aim of pounding down an inconvenient competitor, and all testimony to the folly of furnishing such amateurish louts with responsibility for ensuring the safety of the Canadian people.

The reality for CSA is that our side has nothing to loose in exposing them and enduring the resulting threats.  The CSA is trying to destroy our company and bankrupt its owner and his elderly father.  For us, these are the stakes.  The CSA started this fight by demanding protection money, and we’re fighting back, and we’re winning, and they’re not pleased.  In this context, intimidation just doesn’t work.

RestoreCSA is committed to recovering the CSA as a credible regulatory entity in service to the Canadian people.  Thank you for your continued support.