Notice to CSA Targeted Entities

May 27th, 2013

The RestoreCSA campaign has been contacted by several entities to advise that, like P.S. Knight Co., they are being targeted by the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”) for the furnishment of what we consider protection payments. 

As with P.S. Knight Co., a number of entities have been approached by CSA for payment of money in exchange for assurances that CSA will not impede their operations.  These demands for payment are typically referred to as royalty payments, licensing fees, or certification or insurance fees.  Regarding the instances that RestoreCSA has been advised of, the basis for CSA payment demand is CSA’s claimed ownership of portions of Canadian law. 

The RestoreCSA campaign is working with the federal Government to clarify the status of CSA as being either a federal regulatory entity or a private company and, if the former, whether CSA is permitted to commercially compete within the market that it is regulating and, if the latter, whether a private company can own public law.

RestoreCSA is unable to provide legal counsel, and is not doing so.  Companies being targeted by CSA should note that the RestoreCSA campaign is very likely to result in legal precedents which are very likely to affect the necessity of payments of certain types to the CSA organization.