Open Letter to CSA

June 10th, 2013

P.S. Knight Co. Ltd.
6423 Burbank Rd.
Calgary AB T2H 2E1
Tel. 403.230.4482

10 June, 2013

Canadian Standards Association
178 Rexdale Blvd. 

Toronto, Ontario M9W 1R3

Attn: Ash Sahi
CEO, Canadian Standards Association

Dear Mr. Sahi:

Re: OPEN LETTER Re: Discussion Scheduling for June 16 – 18

As you know and as has been communicated to you, the organization that you are responsible for finds itself in an increasingly difficult position.  The Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”) position is in material breach of a variety of legal statutes, is dramatically outside the stated purpose of the CSA organization, and is fundamentally incompatible with the democratic principles of supremacy of the law and of equality before the law.  This unhealthy situation is possible due to the presence of unforeseen but resolvable ambiguities in the structure of the federal regulatory system. 

The trajectory of CSA incursions into the commercial market is such that CSA’s current position is unsustainable.  The dissonance between CSA’s purpose and its practice is such that substantial reform is both overdue and unavoidable. is purposed with coordinating the efforts of government and private stakeholders to effect a series of constructive structural and policy reforms at CSA in order to secure the recovery of that entity’s purpose, performance and reputation.

It is in our mutual interest that the CSA recovery process is smooth and expedited and entails a minimum of disruption to CSA’s regulatory activities.  To that end, it would be appropriate to begin discussions on initiating efforts within CSA to most effectively facilitate recovery.

We should take advantage of the CSA’s June 16 – 18 AGM in Calgary to meet for discussion of the issues not directly under litigation between us.  You and Mr. Bob Cook, the Chair of CSA Group, and any other CSA personnel that you deem appropriate, are invited to meet for discussion of the broader issues facing CSA and of coordinating our respective programs for CSA recovery and restoration.

Please advise with availability at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

Gordon Knight
CEO, P.S. Knight Co. Ltd.