Open Letter to CSA’s new CEO

November 11th, 2015

NOTE:  On November 10th, the Canadian Standards Association announced the appointment of Mr. David Weinstein as their new CEO.

Dear David,

Congratulations on this, your first day as the new CEO of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

As we noted in our Nov. 1st announcement of your coming appointment, the CSA “can indeed be recovered, public trust returned, and its standards raised.”

It has now been over three years since CSA launched a series of legal attacks on my family business, myself and my father.  In that time I have learned a lot about CSA functions and functionaries.

In the context of this experience, I have concerns that your internal briefings on matters of CSA liability may not be diligently considered or free from conflict of interest.

Apart from our litigation, it is highly likely that you will feel early pressure to approve and sign authorizations for courses of action which, under normal consideration, you would not approve or sign.  Watch carefully David, you have more at risk than you likely realize.

I could go on for some distance outlining CSA’s liabilities; your new employer isn’t short of liabilities and I’m not short of evidence.  But you may want to consider where I get a lot of that evidence.  We have good friends among your new friends.

For instance David, how do you suppose RestoreCSA knew the date of your appointment? 

The decisions you take in the next few days will make you a complicit participant or an agent for change.  You’re at a crossroads today.  You know that your predecessor was a casualty of this little war waged upon us, a war that continues.  In this, and as you contemplate these first decisions of your tenure, you would do well to be mindful of the solidity of the internal counsel being given you.

Quoting last week’s article, “renovations at CSA are long overdue, and a new renovator is an opportunity for recovery. […]  Should the new CEO undertake this difficult work, he or she will have our full support.”  And you will.

Best regards on your appointment David, and best wishes as you move ahead.

-Gordon Knight