PattiWatch   Edition #2 - “Buy American!”

August 13th, 2013

Ms Patti Ensor is the Manager, Commercial Alliances at CSA.  PattiWatch is a new and exciting series of articles chronicling the behaviour of Ms Ensor as she conducts her CSA activities.

Edition #2 - “Buy American!”

RestoreCSA recently verified that Patti Ensor is the direct report of Ms Lisa Eberman.  This is notable for a few reasons. 

First, we find it revealing that Patti’s title of Manager, Commercial Alliances, reports to Lisa’s title of Director, Sales and Marketing.  Apparently “alliances” are for “sale.” 

Second, we find it amusing that Lisa claims on her own Linked-In page to have been an accountant at CSA International in 1995.  That’s amusing because according to CSA’s own published History, its anniversary booklet of 2009, the CSA International subsidiary was established four years later, in 1999.  So Lisa claims to have been employed at CSA International four years before it existed.  That’s quite the accomplishment. 

It looks like Lisa Eberman has spent her whole career at CSA.  If we take the balance of Lisa’s career claims at face value, she was promoted at CSA International in 1999 to the role of Account Executive.  Then she became CSA International’s North America Sales Manager, then Senior Sales Manager, North America, and finally the Director, Sales and Marketing. 

Lisa doesn’t appear to have any actual business experience.  Her whole career experience has been in CSA’s cloistered environment, protected from competition, from having to work for success, or from having to take risks.  In consequence, Lisa doesn’t have the frame of reference in business from which to relate to those actually in business. 

Recall that CSA’s understanding of “sales” is the selling of access to the rule of law.  And CSA has no competition, so they can put prices as high as they like.  Its an invitation to a shakedown.  The CSA can demand whatever they think we can pay and we’re forced at law to pay it.  And Lisa of course, is ultimately the person who decides how much to demand from the people that CSA is targeting. 

Lisa’s lack of business experience explains a lot of the feedback RestoreCSA has received about Patti Ensor.  You see, in a surprising number of cases, CSA has been demanding some stunningly large payments.  In several cases the demands emanating from Patti’s office were so onerous they would’ve bankrupted the firm that CSA was targeting.  In the case of P.S. Knight, CSA’s demands were mathematically impossible.

Its as though CSA doesn’t understand the financial realities of operating a business, as though they can’t relate to real business activity.  And now we know why; its because the people at CSA who make these money demands have no practical experience in operating legitimate businesses.  Lisa likely doesn’t think that her demands are unreasonable or mathematically impossible; she likely has a limited appreciation of the significance of the demands that she’s making.

Then there’s the big item.  We have been hearing that Patti Ensor actually takes her orders from the United States.  Sources inside CSA have now confirmed to RestoreCSA that Lisa Eberman, Patti’s supervisor, has been operating her department from an office in Cleveland, Ohio.  Decisions about whether Canadian citizens can access Canadian law are being made in the State of Ohio.  Bluntly, Canadians have to call the United States to get permission to reference Canadian law. 

Its quite revealing that CSA’s sales to Canadians are regarded as “international” activity, handled by CSA International’s North America sales team.  So a Canadian regulator, chartered by Canadian Parliament, regards sales to Canada as international and the Canadian people thereby as foreigners. 

Sovereignty is a serious issue.  Just how serious may be seen in the penalties for unlawful violations of sovereignty.  As evident in a wave of recent news stories, occurrences of international espionage are on the rise.  In this context, the validity of Canada’s robust regulations on such matters, and the importance of powerful penalties for violation, and these consistently applied, is readily apparent. 

After the first edition of PattiWatch, CSA sent us a threatening letter, they were very upset that we were exposing the activities of individual employees.  Yet it was CSA that targeted Gordon Knight, a individual employee of P.S. Knight Co., and its founder Peter Knight, by launching personal lawsuits against both persons.  The CSA has targeted us personally, and we are fighting back just as personally.  What Patti and Lisa and their cohorts at CSA have thus far failed to appreciate is that they are much more vulnerable and have far more personal liabilities, in far more serious, numerous and dangerous areas, than any of the people they have been targeting.