PS Knight Publishes Two New Codes

May 24th, 2021

Today, we published the Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Code.  And we also published the previous edition of that Code, for those in need of legacy versions.  And we also published the Propane Storage and Handling Code for 2015.  And we’re quite pleased about all this.

Each of these codes have been passed into law in Alberta.  Thanks to the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA” / the Civil Service), PS Knight was recently compelled to relocate to the US.  In the United States, the Supreme Court has already Ruled that public laws cannot be privately owned. 

So, engineers and other professionals needing to access these laws don’t have to pay CSA’s sky-high prices anymore. 

PS Knight’s prices are less than half of CSA’s prices

The Civil Service won’t be pleased.  They’ll be livid, actually.

The irony though, is that the Civil Service seems surprised that PS Knight responds to their attacks.  It’s as though they expected their victims to just fold hands and accept perpetual victimization.  Well, we’re not onboard with that.

Every time the Civil Service financially harms PS Knight, we have to dream up ways to offset the damage.  These new titles are an example of that. 

As the damage they cause increases, so our response is increased. 

And they’ve done plenty of damage.

Readers will recall that the Civil Service sent letters -on government letterhead- to our distributors, our vendors and partners, warning that it was illegal to do business with us.  That wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop the letters, and we lost distributors over it.  Then they issued a public warning that our products were dangerous, that using them was to risk injury or death.  Again, untrue, and a Court even Ruled it untrue, but they didn’t retract their public warning, and we lost contracts.  Then they sent more letters to academic institutions, warning that our books were a danger to public health.  Then they convinced their Civil Service colleagues in certain provinces to ban our books entirely, threatening to take away apprenticeship licenses if students were caught using our books, threatening to take away the jobs of professors teaching with our books -and so on.  And on and on.  All that’s on top of the massive expenses in litigation they’ve caused.  Their CEO once promised to cause us over a million dollars in damage in one year.  And that was years ago, and we’ve been absorbing these costs and enduring their attacks for a long while now.

All this is really expensive.

I’ll be blunt with you; the sum of financial damage to PS Knight over the course of the last decade of Civil Service litigations and harassment now exceeds $24MM. 

That’s a lot to recover from but we’re working on it.  And we’re just getting going.

None of this was necessary -that’s the part that really grates.  When all this started, we were minding our own business, quite literally, when the Civil Service made its first demand for protection money.  Had they just left us alone we wouldn’t have had to endure all this, and they wouldn’t be facing the big bill they’ve wrung up.

You can help us collect on that bill.  These new books are a bargain (info here); you should tell your friends!  Buy lots of them.  Buy them as presents, reference material, pieces of protest art.  Said only somewhat seriously; you can never have too many copies of regulatory law.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Code

Knight’s Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems Code

Propane Storage and Handling

Knight’s Propane Storage and Handling Code