Quit or Kill Yourself

June 29th, 2014

Somebody sent us a brown envelope.  It was stuffed with documents.  The package wasn’t expected, usually whistleblowers contact RestoreCSA by email.  But its increasingly obvious that the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has been making enemies of its employees at a terrific pace.  How else to explain the steady stream of inside information? 

Anyway, we’re awfully pleased to welcome a new source to the RestoreCSA campaign.  You see, with every new source, each bringing a different perspective of known events, our understanding of the conduct of CSA is more thorough, is refined and becomes more actionable.

In RestoreCSA articles, we rely on independent, multiple sources as a means of confirming the authenticity of whistleblower claims.  For example, in the recent Heaters article we quoted the CSA’s Rick Fort as saying that “any engineer can fail a product, it takes a good engineer to pass a product.”  Other sources offer variations of this quote, such as “any engineer can fail a product that does not pass testing, it takes a good engineer to push it through.”  See the similarity?  When we receive multiple quotes from multiple sources and they’re as close as these, then we have confidence that in its essentials the quote is accurate, that the person quoted actually made such statements with sufficient clarity as to be overheard by multiple people. 

As source information is incrementally corroborated, of course, we increase the volume of reliable data in our possession. 

We have sufficient volume of corroborated information to confidently state that the CSA organization has actively and consistently undertaken to terminate the employment of witnesses rather than correct the questionable conduct that these persons internally reported.

How so?  Well, do you recall our article on Cindy Mao?  She is the CSA’s Manager of Corporate Internal Audit.  Ostensibly, she is responsible for risk management, internal investigations, closing any policy-practice gaps -that sort of thing.  In practice however, and according to several sources, Ms Mao functions as a sort of Stasi, keeping watch on the minions for management.  One source summarized that, “her job is to protect the company from internal whistleblowers.”  Folks, an internal audit department is supposed to ensure compliance with the law, not protect management from the law.  At the CSA things are different.  Cindy Mao notoriously “advises Human Resources [on how to] terminate the whistleblowers from the company.”

In practical terms, firing a witness is a sensitive business, especially if the reason for the firing is as proximal as being upset that the status quo was upset.  Actually, such firings are not supposed to happen at all.  Companies have policies in place, some might call them “standards,” to protect internal whistleblowers from retaliation.  And its in the best interest of companies to have such policies, as these serve to affirm and assure compliance with law.  And its usually the HR department that acts on whistleblower policy.

So what did the CSA’s Human Resources group do in response to reports of Moamar Mustafa’s conduct?  Did they fire him, demote him, fine him, report him to authorities?  Well, not really.  They promoted him.  Twice.  The first such promotion came in 2008, the same year that his indefensible certification practices were internally defended.  Mustafa was next promoted in 2012, by which time his practice of pushing untested products through certification was well known inside CSA, including by the three executives who authorized the promotion.  These three executives were Bonnie Rose (President, Standards), George Gruss (Dir. CSA Intl.), and Ash Sahi (CEO).

You see, Mustafa is “protected.”  That’s an inside term.  The CSA’s management can’t get rid of Mustafa because he knows too much.  Specifically, he knows too much about how much management knows.  He knows that what he was doing is what they wanted him to do, and if he gets publicly outed for it he’ll expose the culpability of CSA management.  So Mustafa’s protected.

As one informant put it, “since you have posted Moamar on your [RestoreCSA.com] website he has been given paid vacation.  Moamar Mustafa [now] does nothing at CSA, his job is to keep quiet and hidden (protected).  He does not have to pay for anything meaning food, expenses or vacations.” 

“Moamar loves to hang an American flag and say only in America I can get away with this.  He […] boasts openly of his corrupt ways.”  By the way folks, Mustafa may be in the US, but the CSA is a Canadian regulator, the money he’s spending is authorized by, and comes from, Canadian taxpayers.  Its your money he’s taking.

Mustafa is a manager at CSA, he has a staff, a whole group of engineers report to him.  Throughout the years of his rule, every engineer knew to tow the line, that Mustafa wanted products certified without regard to actual testing or safety.  “If an employee did not push these projects through, they were harassed and eventually removed from the company.” 

Some employees wanted these practices cleaned up, but they suspected that Internal Audit’s Cindy Mao would betray them rather than protect them, and some knew that HR was up to its neck in whistleblower firing practices.  Several employees, on their own, turned to CSA executive Rich Weiser to clean out the corruption and to protect them from Internal Audit.  And Rich Weiser had the power to clean the place, he was the CSA’s Executive Vice President for US & Mexico. 

One by one, these employees approached Weiser’s office, each unaware that others had come before them, and each hoping to help restore CSA.  Kathleen Decker is Rich Weiser’s assistant, and she wasn’t a fount of kindness.  She told them “to quit or commit suicide.”

All of this is in pretty sharp contrast with CSA’s Code of Conduct.  For instance, quoting from the Code; “We must never falsify documents, records or business information including test reports”.  Ok.  But what about Mustafa’s record with documents, or the CSA’s eight year counterfeiting operation, or their fabrication of false legislation in 2006, or their routine “marking up the books,” (something we’ll report on shortly)?  Alright, how about this; “all reports [of illegal activity] will be investigated with fair and due process.”  By Internal Audit, of course.  That’s Cindy Mao, she’ll investigate how to fairly fire the witness in a slick process.  Witnesses to illegal conduct “shall not be subject to reprisal or punishment.  Retaliation in any form will not be tolerated.”  Compare that statement with CSA’s quit or kill yourself policy.  There’s a policy-practice gap here, a big one, and closing that gap is the responsibility of Internal Audit.  And that’s Cindy Mao again.

So, in sum, the CSA’s Internal Audit doesn’t investigate questionable conduct, it investigates those who question the questionable conduct.  The CSA’s Human Resources Department doesn’t protect the witness from retaliation by the perpetrator, it protects the perpetrator from the evidence of the witness.  The gaping chasm separating CSA’s statements from its actions makes a mockery of its Code of Conduct.  To paraphrase a quirky Brit, the document would be totally useless were it not at least slightly absorbent.

As for RestoreCSA’s new and exciting brown envelope, we’re reviewing the documentation therein and will shortly begin formally working with it.  And we’re always pleased to receive such fan mail.  If you want to send us a brown envelope, we’re at the address below.  Thank you for your support.

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