RestoreCSA Becomes a Major Cellular Carrier

February 17th, 2014

On February 17th, RestoreCSA sent the following letter to the Minister of Industry, James Moore, M.P.:

Dear Minister Moore:

Re: Auction of Spectrum Licenses for Mobile Broadband Services

We draw your attention to your Department’s latest publication, the Auction of Spectrum Licenses for Mobile Broadband Services in the 700 MHz Band. 

Most cellular companies are participating in the 700 MHz auction and, on the whole, the process appears to be running smoothly.

As you know, the deadline to submit applications was September 17, 2013 and the auction itself began on January 14th, 2014.  As you also know, RestoreCSA did not submit an application to participate.

Relatedly, we note that your Department granted the Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”) full Standards Council of Canada (“SCC”) accreditation for Modular Home Certification on September 29th, 2010 in spite of the absence of a CSA filing for that accreditation.  Actually, the CSA wasn’t accredited for any such certifications for eight full years, between 2002 and 2010.  Throughout this period however, the CSA was selling illegitimate certifications for modular homes and, worse, these buildings were not compliant with Canadian safety regulations.

We further note that your Department permitted SCC accreditation of the CSA with no public hearing and before the deadline for objections.

The CSA did not file for accreditation, yet they were accredited, and they did not comply with regulations, yet you have granted them full legal standing.

According to a CSA memorandum of August 24, 2010, the CSA “believes [that] the listing omission is a result of an administrative error only and that this does not affect the safety or conformity of modular homes certified by CSA”.  Your Department has accepted this position on the question of proper filings.

In this context, RestoreCSA and its parent, P.S. Knight Co. Ltd., hereby requests that your Department, in like manner and equal treatment, affirm that RestoreCSA is a “Qualified” applicant and a successful bidder in the 700 MHz auction.

The absence of any actual application on our part should in no way hinder our successful non-efforts with your Department.  We “believe that [our] listing omission is a result of an administrative error only and that this does not affect the […] conformity” of our application with your policies. 

Please advise forthwith on the particulars of our successful bid.


Gordon Knight

Cc: Marc Dupuis
Director General, Engineering Planning and Standards Branch

Fiona Gilfillan
Director General, Spectrum Management Operations Branch

Greg Rickford, M.P.
Minister of State for Science and Technology