RestoreCSA Launches Video Series

May 5th, 2013

RestoreCSA has released the first in a series of advocacy videos

The purpose of the RestoreCSA video series is to explore and expand upon issues being covered in the media from the perspective of the company being targeted by CSA, P.S. Knight Co. Ltd.  While the RestoreCSA budget is microscopic, we are privileged to receive the support of a variety of companies willing to facilitate production of this video series. 

The first three videos in the series are introductory and general in nature.  Issues specific videos will follow, one issue per video segment.  RestoreCSA will release new videos at regular intervals throughout the campaign.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recently launched a lawsuit to eliminate its only competitor, P.S. Knight Co. Ltd.  As a regulatory entity however, CSA shouldn’t be competing commercially at all.  In this affair and a host of others, CSA has been compromising the rule of law for commercial advantage and abusing its regulatory position for profit.  CSA has financially exploited the electrical sector and has undermined its own authority and legitimacy in Canada and around the world.  CSA should be returned to the rule of law and restored to its intended purpose.

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