The Arthur Andersen Experience

July 9th, 2013

The CSA website was once filled with evidence of their questionable activities.  In 2012 however, CSA began their latest campaign to bankrupt P.S. Knight Co. and since then the CSA website has been repeatedly cleansed of anything incriminating. 

CSA was particularly embarrassed when we reported their longstanding practice of selling influence and control over sections of Canadian law.  But our accusations are well founded.  Not only has CSA been selling influence to hundreds of companies through several decades, a record that’s tough to conceal, but CSA even bragged about such sales on their website.  The CSA website advertised sales of “participation in standards development”, the sale of weighted voting rights, “access to key standards information,” and “quick access to CSA staff” through the use of a “special unlisted telephone number,” and all this was available in exchange for payment “fees” and “dues.” 

Most of the evidence of CSA influence peddling has now been deleted by CSA from their website.  Some deletions appear to have been made in response to RestoreCSA.  The launch of RestoreCSA’s Payments video, the content of which was all about CSA influence peddling, resulted in a threat letter from CSA on the morning of June 15th and by the evening of that same day the entire CSA website had been temporarily shut down.

Whereas large corporations used to be “members” of CSA, now they are called “supporters,” as though the transfers of their funds are merely donations.  The CSA also sold tiered memberships, the different classes of membership based on the amount of money that each corporation paid to CSA.  Now however, these same classes of “Corporate Sustaining Memberships” have been sanitized as “Corporate Supporters.”  But corporations don’t donate to regulatory entities, they’ll only contribute as a financial transaction, to get something of equivalent value.  Website washing can’t obscure this.

One should also note that destroying website data isn’t as permanent as file shredding.  The CSA website is cached in its various versions of concealment.  And, early in our investigation of CSA activities, we made records of CSA website content for our legal defence. 

The CSA website looks a lot less incriminating today than it did when this conflict began, but no washing of website data will save CSA.  The CSA’s conduct hasn’t changed, their attitudes haven’t changed, and the law hasn’t changed in their favour.  All their edits will work against them this fall, and RestoreCSA will happily chronicle all of that for you.  Keep watching!