The CSA Lawyers Up

November 16th, 2014

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recently hired a new lawyer, joining the half dozen or so lawyers already engaged on RestoreCSA issues.  But this new lawyer is unlike the others.

The CSA’s new counsel is Mr. Glen Jennings.  He’s a criminal defence attorney.

Why do you suppose the CSA would need the services of a criminal defence attorney?  For our part, we have absolutely no idea why they would ever think that they needed a criminal defence attorney, its not like they’ve been caught doing anything wrong.

Regardless of the reason, the new CSA lawyer is “a seasoned litigator in both criminal and regulatory matters [with] extensive experience in white collar defence.” 

What sort of “white collar defence”?  Well, Mr. Jennings’ practice is focussed on “domestic and foreign corruption, complex tax issues, fraud, money laundering, internal investigations, and antitrust and securities cases.”  He offers “specialized services to clients” including “corruption and bribery prevention, crisis management, [and] internal investigations”.

Here is what Mr. Jennings lists as his “representative work:”

- Investigated allegations of corrupt payments to foreign public officials
- Represented corporate clients in criminal proceedings brought by the RCMP for alleged violations of the CFPOA
- Guidance to corporate clients with respect to search warrant procedures
- Represented clients facing criminal allegations in Competition Act matters
- Represented clients in financial regulatory matters initiated by FSCO
- Represented clients facing charges under the OHSA, Pension Benefits Act, Insurance Act, Criminal Code, Income Tax Act, Environmental Protection Act
- Preparation of internal investigation guide for large multinational corporation

Why do you suppose the CSA would contract these sort of services?  Here’s a hint.

Glen Jennings’ latest presentations also feature some fascinating subjects.  For instance, he recently presented on “Integrity and Corruption in the Construction Industry” (2014), “Money Laundering and Securities Industry” (2013), “Anti-Corruption Compliance Assessments” (2012), and something called the “White Collar Fraud Update” (2011).

Notice the frequent use of the word “corruption”?

He’s also authored some interesting articles, most notably “The Scope of Corporate Criminal Liability under Canadian Antitrust Law” (2013) and the wonderfully titled “The Criminal Employee” (2013).

Perhaps the CSA hired this new lawyer for his published expertise in “Protection Against Self-Incrimination,” something Anthony Toderian could find quite useful.

This new hire must be baffling for CSA staff who’ve been repeatedly assured that there’s nothing to worry about.  Or perhaps not so baffling, RestoreCSA has been advised by CSA staff that nearly no-one on the inside takes the CSA’s reassuring statements very seriously.  Neither do we, by the way.

In the spirit of litigation therefore, RestoreCSA warmly welcomes Mr. Glen Jennings to the cavalcade of counsel striving to save the CSA from self destruction.

The great irony of course, is that as we make headway on these issues, counsel like Mr. Jennings are finding that they have more in common with RestoreCSA than with their client.  Ultimately, saving the CSA means massive change within CSA, of the sort that we have been advocating for months, of the sort that Mr. Jennings is known to favour, and the sort that CSA is fighting against with all they’ve got.

Welcome aboard Glen, we’ll have the pleasure of working with you in the future.  We look forward to doing so.