Integrity Levels of CSA Management

July 31st, 2013

Peter Knight will turn eighty-six in August.  For sixty years of his life he served in the electrical trade.  Throughout those sixty years he was a staunch defender of CSA.  Today however, CSA is trying to take his life savings from him.

While the particulars of CSA’s case are as absurd as they are amusing, their targeting of the elderly is actually quite abhorent.  Harassing a small company for a share of their revenues in trade for protection from more harassment is bad enough, but using the elderly as pawns to extract their desires is on another ethical level entirely.

Our legal counsel approached CSA on several occasions to ask that they drop Peter Knight from their claim.  The balance of their claim, as against P.S. Knight Co. and their personal claim against current owner Gordon Knight, could continue through the courts.  But CSA refused to respond to any of these requests.  The fact is that Peter has had no role or investment at P.S. Knight Co. since the start of 2010.  There is no legitimate purpose in targeting him.  But CSA knows that Peter Knight is quite old, quite frail and quite close to his son, Gordon Knight.  By piling pressure on an elderly man, CSA is trying to extract money from his son.

Earlier this year the CSA filed a request with federal court to forcibly expunge the forty-year history of our relationship with CSA from our defence documentation.  They dropped this effort in response to pressure from the RestoreCSA campaign, so that history is still included in the file.  But that history of CSA conduct is quite embarrassing, they really wanted those records scrubbed from the file.  Their official argument was that all events before 2012 are irrelevant to the case. 

So, if Peter Knight hasn’t had any role at P.S. Knight Co. since 2010, and if CSA’s argument was that events before 2012 are irrelevant, then couldn’t Peter Knight be dropped from the claim?  Well, no.  By their filing CSA agreed that Peter Knight wasn’t relevant to the case, but it seems they still wanted him on the hook through all of this in order to use him as a bargaining chip.

This is the integrity of CSA management.  This is what we have been dealing with for years.  And this is yet another reason why major renovation at CSA is so badly needed.