The Path Ahead

June 17th, 2019

It has now been three weeks since the Supreme Court upheld Manson’s Law, the 2016 lower Court Ruling that introduced private ownership of laws. 

We’ve been watching for a few things since that Decision.  As expected, a few early responders registered ownership of their own contributions in law, copyrighted them, and are now starting to invoice their governments.  It’s clever on their part.  Bully for them.  Also as expected, a few other, larger and more powerful organizations are working, more quietly, to control the various laws they’ve lobbied for.  That should be interesting.

Much more interesting has been the response of the provincial governments.  Thus far, not a single provincial government has complied with the Ruling.  Not one, folks. 

As we’re based in Calgary, we’re under Albertan law, and we’ve noted that the Government of Alberta is noncompliant with Manson’s Law entirely.  In fact, as of this writing, the Queen’s Printer for Alberta is still authorizing us -and anyone else- to reproduce Alberta’s “statutes and regulations without seeking permission and without charge.” 

That’s what the Courts Ruled was illegal.  Yet Queen’s Printer law is still in force, and still enforced.  And we’re still under that law.

Well, I won’t tip the details of our hand too much for our CSA readership, but PS Knight has no authority to arbitrate between competing levels of government.  We must comply with laws in force.  And we will.

It’s just that our Provincial Government is currently ignoring the Ruling and is authorizing the public to defy the Court, while the Court itself is adamant that governments be subservient to its Rulings.

So who do we obey?

Well, that’s what we’re talking to governments about.  Clearly, we cannot obey both the law and the Ruling as they’re contradictory.  There’s an argument that we should obey the most recent, but that’s an argument accepted by only one side.  Guess which side?

New approaches are needed to safeguard the citizen, such that one should not be punished for obeying the law or the Courts.  Indeed, we have been mightily punished because we obeyed the law.  Think about that: We are being punished because we obeyed the law.  Right now, if we obey Alberta law the Courts will surely punish us again.

On the other hand, provincial governments have plenty of enforcement powers within their jurisdictions, such that citizens can be punished by provinces for obeying Court Rulings instead of provincial laws when these are in conflict.  It puts citizens like us in a hopeless position; damned if we obey the one, and damned if instead we obey the other. 

We’re working on this problem. 

Actually, I’d hoped to publish a report of more specific progress this week but, alas, governments work slowly. 

Governments are also being lobbied, not at all slowly, by the civil service.  What civil servants want, of course, is one law for the little people and another law for themselves.  In this, they want the global Ruling of Manson’s Law to apply to everybody else always, but to civil servants only when profitable and convenient.  They want to exempt themselves from their own Ruling.

In this, the massively impressively massive lobbying arm of PS Knight Co Ltd, (aka: me), has been seriously and aggressively mobilized to seriously and aggressively offset the CSA personnel’s lobbying of governments and the additional dozens of civil service lobbyists they’ve contracted (seriously) from outside firms, and all at taxpayer expense, in their continuing effort to unethically and illegally pound-into-powder this one seriously independent and aggressively annoying taxpayer.  That’s me. 

There will be some developments in the next short while, probably next month, which will alter the landscape of privately-owned law.  As we can, we’ll report on them.

In the interim, please enjoy this 3-minute film, unintentionally about the Canadian civil service.