The Ubiquity of Exclusivity

July 30th, 2013

The CSA recently claimed that nobody was allowed to use the acronym “CSA” without their permission.  They claimed that the term “CSA” was unique to them, they trade-marked it, nobody else ever uses this acronym.  To quote CSA directly:

“CSA has at all times owned and enjoyed substantial goodwill in the CSA Trade-marks which are distinctive to of the Plaintiff.”

RestoreCSA decided to explore this claim.  We wanted to find out how “distinctive” the term really is.  So how unique is it?

Well, the US Patent and Trademark Office itemizes 67 current registrations of the term “CSA.”  Some of these include the Care Support of America organization, the society of Certified Senior Advisors, Czech Airlines and, curiously, the Confederate States of America.  If one includes former uses, there are 164 such legal U.S. registrations of the term “CSA.”

The term “CSA” is also quite popular worldwide.  RestoreCSA found 540 specific and regular, recognized uses of the term “CSA.”  That’s a lot.  And none of these uses violate CSA’s trade-mark because the users are not passing themselves off as being the Canadian Standards Association.

CSA’s claim that their acronym is entirely “distinctive” is entirely wrong.  But they’re getting quite practiced at making wild, unreasonable, and slightly farcical claims to own things.  First they claimed to own public laws, now its words and letters of the alphabet.

Lets review the many legal, legitimate and recognized uses for the term “CSA.”  As you scroll through these 540 such recognized uses, remember that “CSA has at all times owned” them and that the term “CSA” is “distinctive” to the Canadian Standards Association.  Be amused:

540 known uses of the term “CSA”:

C3H strain-specific antigen
Cache State Advertisement
Calcutta Statistical Association
Calendaring and Scheduling API
California Seed Association
California Sign Association
California Society of Anesthesiologists
California Sociological Association
California Space Authority
Call Segment Association
Called Subscriber Address
Called Subscriber Answer
Called Subscriber Internet Address
Callpath Service Architecture
Callpath Services Architecture
Calvert Soccer Association, Inc (Prince Frederick, Maryland)
Cambodian Student Association
Cambridge Scientific Abstract
Cambridge Star Atlas
Campbell Stephenson Ascolese LLP (law firm; Austin, Texas)
Camphor Sulfonic Acid
Camphorsulfonic Acid
Campus Security Authority (various schools)
Canada Shipping Act
Canada Space Agency
Canadian Sablefish Association
Canadian Science Association
Canadian Sealers Association
Canadian Secular Alliance (Center for Inquiry)
Canadian Securities Administrators
Canadian Securities Association
Canadian Shipowners Association
Canadian Simmental Association
Canadian Skipping Association
Canadian Snowbird Association
Canadian Soccer Association
Canadian Society of Agronomy
Canadian Space Agency
Canadian Sport Awards
Canadian Standards Agency
Canadian Standards Authority
Canadians for Safe Access
Canberra School of Art
Cancer suspect agent
Candidate Supplemental Application
Canned Subassembly
Canoeing South Africa
Canon Software America
Canterbury Softball Association Inc. (NZ)
Capital Structure Arbitrage
Capitolato Speciale d’Appalto
Carbazole Sulphonic Acid
Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
Carbonyl salicylamide
Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates
Care Standards Act (UK)
Career Scholarship Account
Career Service Advisory (Council)
Careside Inc.
Caribbean and South America
Caribbean Sailing Association
Caribbean School of Architecture
Caribbean Shipping Association
Caribbean Students Association
Caribbean Studies Association
Carleton Student Association
Carlsbad Seaside Academy
Carlton Screen Advertising (Ireland)
Carlyle Sailing Association
Carrier Service Area
Carrier Service Areas
Carrier Services Agreement
Carrier Serving Area
Carry-Save Adder
Cast Section Angle
Casting Society of America
Casualty Surgeons Association
Catalyzed Signal Amplification
Catastrophe Savings Account
Catholic Services Appeal
Catholic Student Association
Caudal subarachnoid analgesia
Celebrity Speakers Associates
Celestial Sensor Assembly
Celiac Sprue Association
Cell surface antigen
Cellular Service Areas
Celtic Supporters Association (UK)
Centenary Supporters Association
Center for Scholarship Administration
Center for Self Awareness (Columbia, Canada)
Center for Semiarid Agroforestry
Center for Social Assessment
Center for Spiritual Awareness
Center for Student Activities
Center for Study Abroad
Center for Supercomputing Applications
Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Center for the Study of Addiction
Center for the Study of Autism
Central Service Association
Central Services Agency
Central Sleep Apnea
Central Student Association (University of Guelph)
Central Supplies Agency
Central Supply Agency
Central Surgical Association
Centrale de Secours Ambulancier (French: Central Emergency Ambulance)
Centralized Server Administration (Octel/Avaya)
Centre de Stockage de l’Aube (French: Storage Center of Aube; nuclear waste facility)
Centre for Student Affairs
Centre for the Study of AIDS
Centre Service Auto (French car repair company)
Centre Social Autogéré (French: Autonomous Social Center)
Centrifugal Sudden Approximation
Centrifugal sudden approxn.
Centro Servizi Amministrativi (Bologna, Italy)
Centro Sportivo Alagoano (Brazilian soccer club)
Certificat de Situation Administrative (French: Administrative Status Certificate)
Certified Senior Advisor
Certified Solutions Associate
Certified SPICE Assessor
Certified Surgical Assistant (National Surgical Assistant Association)
Certified System Administrator
Certified Systems Architect
Cervantes Society of America
Cervical spondylotic amyotrophy
Ceske Aerolinie (Czech Airlines)
Cetostearyl alcohol
Chain Store Age
Chamber of Shipping of America (Washington, DC)
Channel Swimming Association
Chaotic Simulated Annealing
Charge Sensitive Amplifier
Charge sensitivity analysis
Charge-Sensing Amplifier
Charities and Societies Agency
Charles Street Associates
Chartered Secretaries Australia
Charyl Stockwell Acadamy (Howell, MI)
Checklist, Summary and Approvals
Chemical Safety Assessment (various organizations)
Chemical Safety Audit
Chemical Shift Anisotropy
Chemical Shift Anistropy
Chemical shift artifact
Chemical Shippers Association
Chemical Sources Association
Chemical Structure Association
Chemical-shift anisotropy
Chester Swimming Association (UK)
Chicago Software Association
Chicken serum albumin
Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff Army
Chief of Staff of the Army
Chief Scientific Adviser
Chief Security Adviser
Chief Software Architect
Child Savings Account
Child sexual abuse
Child Support Agency (UK)
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Children’s Services Authority
China Software Association
China Southern Airlines
Chinanteco, Chiltepec (SIL code, Mexico)
Chinese Securities Association
Chinese Society of Astronautics
Chinese Student Association
Chiral solvating agent
Chirp-Scaling Algorithm
Choir Schools Association
Chondroitin Sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate A
Chondroitin Sulfonic Acid
Chorionic Somatomammotropin A
Christian Seniors Association
Christian Social Action (magazine)
Christian Spanish Academy (Guatemala, private school)
Christian Stewardship Association
Chromogenic substrate assay
Chronic severe anemia
Chronic stable angina
Church of Sweden Aid
Ciclosporin A
CIM systems architecture
Ciphergram Solution Assistant
Circuit Switch Agent
Circulating schistosome antigen
Cisco Secure Access
Cisco Security Agent
Citizen Systems America (printers; Torrance, CA)
City Square Associates, Inc.
Civil Servants Agency (Macedonia)
Civil Service Act (various locations)
Civil Service Annuitant (retired US federal employees)
Civil Service Association
Civil Society Actor
Civil/Structural/Architectural (engineering and construction)
Civilian Staff Association
Claim Service Assistant (insurance)
Classical simulated annealing
Clay Settling Area
Clean Sweep Ambassador (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
Clergy Strategic Alliances
Cleveland School of the Arts
Client Server Agent
Client Server Architecture
Client Service Agent
Client Services Application (software)
Client Solution Architects
Client Support Administrator
Clinical Sexology Associates
Clinical Site Agreement
Clinical Skills Assessment
Clinical Staffing Associates
Close Support Aircraft
Close Support Area
Clot Signature Analyzer
Clôture Sécurité Automatisme (French: Closure Safety Automation)
Cloud Security Alliance (est. 2008)
Club Cards, Systems and Applications
Club du Setter Anglais (French: English Setter Club)
Club Savoyard d’Aquariophilie (French: Savoyard Club Aquarium)
Club Sportif Artistique (French: Artistic and Sports Club)
Club Subaquatique Albigeois (French underwater club)
Club Subaquatique Annecy (French underwater club)
Club Subaquatique Atlantide (French underwater club)
Coaching Science Abstracts
Coal Supply Agreement
Cockayne Syndrome a
Coeliac Society of Australia Inc.
Coffre Sécurité Aquitaine (French: Safe Security Aquitaine)
Cogdell Spencer, Inc.
Cognitive Styles Analysis
Cognizant Security Agency
Cognizant Security Authority
Cold Starting Aid
Cold Stream Alternative
Colegio San Agustin (Philippines)
Colegio Suizo Americano (Spanish: Swiss American College; Guatemala)
Colesville Sports Association, Inc.
Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires
College of Sciences and Arts
College Squash Association
Collegiate Sports of America, Inc.
Colleyville Soccer Association
Colon-specific antigen
Colony Stimulating Activity
Colony survival array
Colony survival assay
Colony-stimulating activity
Colorado Safety Association
Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists
Colorado Speakers Association
Colorado State Archives
Colorado Statutes Annotated
Combat Supply Activity
Combat Support Activity
Combat Support Agency
Combat Support Agency
Combat Support Agency (US DoD)
Combat Support Associates
Combat Systems Alignment Procedures (TMINS)
Combat Systems Architecture
Combat Systems Assessment (US Navy)
Combined Security Area
Combined Statistical Area
Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista (Italy)
Comité de Surveillance de l’Audiovisuel (Europe)
Comité Spécial de l’Agriculture (Fr-EU)
Comité Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel
Command Self Assessment
Command Sergeant Major of the Army
Command Session Abort (ITU-T)
Command Staff Advisor
Command Storage Array
Command Support Area
COMMECS (Commerce and Economics) School of Accountancy (Pakistan)
Commerce Students Association
Commercial Service Agent (insurance)
Commercial Service Area
Commercial Service Authorization
Commercial Services Agreement
Commercial Specification Agreement
Commercial Systems Analysis Inc.
Commissariat à la Simplification Administrative (French, Belguim)
Commission Scolaire des Affluents (school board, Quebec)
Committee for Sustainable Agriculture
Committee of Scientific Advisors
Committee on Social Action (of Reform Judaism)
Committee on State Affairs
Common Scrambling Algorithm
Common Sense Advisory (Lowell, MA)
Common Service Area
Common Services Architecture
Common Services Area
Common Storage Area
Common Support Aircraft
Common Support Application
Common System Area
Commonwealth Sugar Agreement
Communal Studies Association
Communication Service Agency
Communication Service Authorization
Communication Signal Analyzer
Communication Streaming Architecture
Communication Support Activity
Communications Satellite Act
Communications Service Authorization
Communications Streaming Architecture
Communications Support Area (USACOM)
Community and State Affairs (Office of)
Community of St Andrew
Community School Alliances
Community School for Adults
Community School of the Arts
Community Service Activities
Community Service Administration
Community Service Announcement
Community Service Association
Community Service of Arizona
Community Services Act of 1974
Community Services Agency
Community Services Assistant
Community Shared Agriculture
Community Spirit Award (various organizations)
Community Sports Association
Community Supported Agriculture
Community Sustained Agriculture
Commuter Student Association
comp.sys.acorn (newsgroup)
Compagnie des Sacs et Accessoires (French: Bags and Accessories Company)
Company Secretarial Automation
Company Security Administrator
Competitive Systems Analysis
Compliance Schedule Agreement
Compliance Schedule Approval
Compliance System Architecture
Compliant Systems Architecture
Component State Associations
Composite Security Association
Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act
Comprehensive Safety Analysis (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
Comprehensive Services Act
Comprehensive Site Assessment
Comprehensive System Accounting
Compressed spectral array
Compressed spectral assay
Compression Service Adapter (Cisco)
Computer Sales Associate
Computer science and applications
Computer Science Application
Computer Science Association
Computer Security Act of 1987
Computer Services Association
Computer Shogi Association
Computer Simulation and Analysis (Idaho)
Computer Skills Assessment
Computer Software Application
Computer Software Component
Computer System Architecture
Computer Systems Administrator
Computer Systems Advisers
Computer Systems Analyst
Computer Systems and Applications (various organizations)
Computer Systems Architecture
Computer Systems Association
Computer Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.
Computerized spectral analysis
Computerized Structural Analysis
Computing Services Administrator
Computing Services Association
Computing System Administrator
Computing Systems Analyst
Compuware Sports Arena
COMSEC Servicing Account
Concord Soccer Association
Concurrent Servicing Area
Conditional Sales Agreement
Condroitin Sulphate a
Conejo Simi Aquatics (California)
Confederate Stamp Alliance
Confederate States Army
Confederate States of America
Conference on Superconductivity and Applications
Conférence Suisse des Architectes (French: Swiss Conference of Architects)
Configuration Status Accounting
Conformational space annealing
Congregation Sisters of St Agnes
Congregational Summer Assembly
Conical Spiral Antenna
Conjugate Structure Algebraic
Connection Streaming Architecture
Conseil Sondage Analyses (French: Council Polling Analysis)
Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (French authority for media networks)
Consensus Service Agreement
Conservation Service Award
Conservation Status Assessment (various locations)
Conservative Students Association
Conservatoire des Sites Alsaciens (French conservatory)
Conservatoire des Sites de l’Allier (French conservatory)
Constrained Simulated Annealing
Construction Safety Association (various organizations)
Construction Structures Aéronautiques (French: Aircraft Structures Construction)
Construction Systems Associates, Inc.
Consular Shipping Advisor
Consulting Services Agreement
Contact site A
Container stuffing activity
Contemporary Sound Arts
Continental Shelf Act
Continental Shelf Associates, Inc
Continental-Scale Affiliate
Continuing Service Agreement
Continuous Semi-Active
Continuous spinal anaesthesia
Continuous spinal analgesia
Continuous spinal anesthesia
Contract Service Arrangement
Contract Services Associates
Contract Services Association
Contract Specification Amendment
Contract sum adjustment
Contracted Support Activity
Contractor Support Area
Control self assessment
Control Storage Area
Control System Architecture
Control Systems Analysis, Inc (Tiverton RI)
Controlled Separation Amplifier
Controlled Spend Account (US DoD)
Controlled Substance Abuse
Controlled Substance Analog
Controlled Substances Act
Conventional serology antibodies
Cool Season Annual (agriculture)
Cool Sweet Awesome
Cooperative Solar Array
Coordination and Support Action
Copyright Society of Australia, Inc.
Core Service Agency (health care; various locations)
Corinthian Sailing Association
Coronary spastic angina
Corporate Sector Authority (Star Wars)
Corporate Service Agreement (various companies)
Corporate Services Agency (Queensland)
Corporate systems architecture
Corps Storage Area
Corps Support Activity
Corps sustainment area
Corrections Standards Authority
Correlated Selection Algorithm
Correlation Search Analysis
Cost Sharing Arrangement
Costume Society of America
Cottrell Scholar Awards
Council for Scottish Archaeology
Council for Student Activities
Council of Sailing Associations
Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (New York City, NY, USA)
Council of Supervisory Associations
Council on Scientific Affairs
Council on Student Affairs
Counter Spy Act
Counter-Strike Agent (gaming)
Countermeasures Set, Acoustic
Country Situation Analysis
County Service Area
Coupled States Approximation
Coupled static approxn.
Coupled-subshell approxn.
Court of Special Appeals
Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord (white supremacist org)
Cranfield Students’ Association (Cranfield University)
Craniospinal axis
Crash Sensing Algorithm
Crash Survivability Analysis
Creation Science Association
Credit Sale Agreement
Credit Services Association
Credit Support Annex
Crescenta Sports Association
Crime Scene Action
Crime Scene Analyst
Crime Syndicate of America (DC comics)
Critical Shortage Areas (education)
Critical Stakeholder Analysis
Critical Stall Angle
Criticality safety analysis
Criticality safety appraisal
Croatian State Archives (Zagreb, Croatia)
Cross section area
Cross Service Agreement
Cross-Sectional Anatomy
Cross-Sectional Area
Cross-Sectoral Approach
Cross-spectral analysis
Crude soluble antigen
Cryogenic Society of America
Cryosurgical ablation
Cryptographic Services Adapter
Cub Scouts of America
Cultural Spatial Analysis
Cumulative Standard Axles (transportation engineering)
Curious Statistical Anomaly
Current Science Association
Current Sheet Applicator
Custom Support Agreement (Microsoft)
Customer Satisfaction Assessment
Customer Service Administration
Customer Service Adviser
Customer Service Advocate
Customer Service Agent
Customer Service Applications
Customer Service Associate
Customer Services Assisstant
Customer Serving Area
Customer Support Agreement
Customer Support Analyst
Customer Support Associate
Customer Support Automation
Customer/Supplier Agreement
Customs Self Assessment
Cyber Skills Association
Cyclic Strain Attenuator
Cyclosporin A
Cyclosporine Neoral
Cylindrical Sector Analyzer
Cymbidium Society of America
Cyprus Shipping Association
Cysteine sulphinic acid
Cytisus Sessilifolius Agglutinin
Cytochrome P450
Czech Airlines
Czechoslovak Society of America