Update - Keatley v. Teranet

September 23rd, 2019

Today’s article is brief.  Awfully brief, it’s more of a note, in fact, than an article.  Here’s why….

The Keatley v. Teranet case we covered in January is concluding this week.  The Supreme Court has issued an advisory that the Ruling will be delivered this Thursday AM.

Readers may recall that Keatley v. Teranet is about ownership of public records, whereas our case was about ownership of public law.  In this, the legal principles within the Keatley v. Teranet Ruling will either affirm and extend Manson’s Law to cover private ownership of public records, or it will affirm Alberta’s position on inapplicability of Manson’s Law.  Either way, we’ll be affected.

It could be an interesting week.

We’ll update with full analysis before, or for the morning of, Sept 30.