We Advertised; CSA Has a Sad

November 8th, 2020

In July of 2014 we had a secret meeting with Bonnie Rose.  Secret, that is, in that nobody was supposed to know it was happening.  Bonnie Rose was President of Standards at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) at the time.  Hence the secrecy.

Bonnie said many interesting and amusingly publishable things. Among these….

“Frankly,” she said, “your books are better than ours.”

Readers will recall that CSA posted a Public Safety warning about our books on their website, claiming that our books pose “very serious public safety concerns,” and (again) “public safety risks,” an “increased risk of shock,” and warning that our products are so poorly drafted, so inferior in every way, that our books put people at risk of “serious property damage, bodily injury or even death.”

Recall that the Federal Court called their claim rubbish, dismissing the entirety of their 180 errors hyperbole as twaddle.  And that, my friends, was from a Federal Court demonstrably in the pocket of the Civil Service.  The CSA claim must’ve been full steaming feces to land that Ruling.

Anyway, to celebrate our new release of Knight’s Code under our US company, and to happily announce a new edition of Knight’s Code coming next spring, we decided to advertise.

We decided to use Bonnie Rose’ statement about our books to advertise our books.  And why not?  The CSA’s an authority of what’s good and decent, aren’t they?

Well, it happens that we’re able to use the quotes freely because of the Civil Service decision to waive privilege in these litigations.  Previously, we were barred to using these quotes, but after CSA’s violent breaches of privilege before the Court of Appeal, effectively waiving their privilege, and after the Court thoughtfully waived so much of law in favour of their colleagues at CSA, well, we feel we have latitude to follow their lead on the matter.

The bigger motivator here is that we’re still smarting from their Public Safety Warning against our books.  You know, they had that Warning up for two years!  Two years!  Nearly all of that time was after the Court had Ruled their Warning was bollocks.  So they muddied our reputation for months and months, and all falsely.

And they knew it was false when they did it!

They knew throughout that our books weren’t inferior, they were superior. 

Look folks, all books have errata -after all, they’re made by people.  But CSA’s well aware that our books are actually better than theirs.  Yet they said the opposite in public. 

For all that, our advertisement featuring the quote by Bonnie Rose was turned down by the publisher.  Understandably, mind you. 

The fact is that most electrical manufacturers (etc) are CSA members, so CSA has political power to shut down the advertising of its competitors.  In this case, we happen to know that CSA called the publishers that we had contracted for our advert and CSA urged them to reconsider their decision.  It was surely subtle.  You know, consider what the industry / our members would think of your wee publication if you ran that icky Knight’s Code advert.

Their wee publication would risk 80% or more of its advertising revenue by going against the wishes of CSA.

This is why through the whole nine years of struggle no trade publication in Canada has covered the CSA scandal; arguably the biggest electrical story in 90 years, affecting the livelihoods of every electrician and engineer in the Country.  They can’t risk the revenue loss CSA could hit them with.

Well, eventually we found a publisher to run our advert, but we had to pull the quote.  We replaced it with another tag line; less snarky perhaps but still quite good.

Whenever you hear CSA poncing about how horrid we are, how our books are a menace, or how we should be shut in, remember the words of CSA’s President of Standards, Bonnie Rose;

“Frankly, your books are better than ours.”

And if you want to see the original advert, here it is, in all its glory…….

Knight's Code 2021 Advert